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Timeshare opportunities in France – short-haul holidays.

A trip across the channel to France, if you live in the UK, is almost too easy. Northern France is just so accessible. Either avail of a low budget flight, or jump in the car and take the tunnel or the ferry crossing. The fact that it's so close means a holiday is...

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Autumn breaks in Mallorca

Summer is not the only season for taking a couple of weeks holiday, or for a short break. Instead, focus on an autumnal break, with seasonal gastronomy and daytime sunshine all included. Mallorca makes for a desirable destination, let's look at taking a break during...

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12 Just Desserts in France

Owning or renting a quality French timeshare apartment means you'll be usually happy to eat in. Visit local markets, find the freshest of produce and cook up a storm in your home from home kitchen. But, a visit to France also means a little taste of French fancy! Save...

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Palma de Mallorca – A Winning Destination

"Beachside buzz and city bliss" is how GoEuro, the travel metasearch engine, has described Palma de Mallorca. Moreover, it has voted Palma de Mallorca third in their list of Best European Beach Destinations. Not bad at all, as they considered a long list of 1000...

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Champagne Tasting on holiday in Northern France

Think of the wine-growing regions of France, and you might wrongly imagine you need to take a trip down south. However, a stay in, or near, Paris doesn't just have to be all about the Eiffel Tower and Haute Couture. Take a trip into Champagne country, where you can...

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3 Best Vegan and Veggie Restaurants in Málaga

For health reasons or a lifestyle choice, many folk prefer to eat vegan or vegetarian these days. It can also be another option from fish or meat, as a once-a-week choice. For visitors to Spain, this used to be a huge problem. Even now, unless, specifically requested,...

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3 Safe Family Beaches on the Costa del Sol

Beach holidays and small children go together like peanut butter and jelly. Entire days can be enjoyed, once the high protection sun cream is applied and bucket and spades are chosen. A day on the sand is a free day out, leaving the whole family tanned, relaxed and...

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6 Reasons to visit northern France in August

On holiday close to Paris in August? Surely the City of Love is best seen during a romantic springtime? Not necessarily. August is the perfect time to visit Paris and northern France. You stand a better chance of good weather, and the city itself is far easier to...

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10 Top Tips for Keeping You Cool on Hot Summer Nights

Warm sunny days on holiday are part and parcel of a great time. But we all need our beauty sleep. Keeping cool at night can be difficult as the temperatures rise, and rise, in July and August, especially if you happen to be in Marbella or Mallorca. Aircon is pretty...

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5 of the Best Hipster Nightclubs in Mallorca

The archipelago known as the Balearic Islands is famous as the clubbing hot-spot of the Med, as well as being a superb and choice destination. But it's not all just about Ibiza. Mallorca has its fair share of hipster nightclubs, and they're especially worth exploring...

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Marriott’s Playa Andaluza – Buying Dream Time

Booking that longed-for holiday online, and bagging a bargain flight is only the half of it. It's a little late to wonder about the quality of your chosen accommodation when you're buckled up and browsing the airline brochure. Have a look at the advantages of a...

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5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid on a Paris Visit

Etiquette is a funny old thing, and it almost always applies whilst travelling. Each country or city has 'their way of doing things correctly. Paris is no exception. But it's not all about good manners. There are also some rules to observe for a smooth trip. See the...

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