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The same Getaways Weeks are available to you as a timeshare owner whether you buy a timeshare resale or a timeshare from the developer.

Marriott Vacation Club Getaways

As Marriott Vacation Club Resale Specialists one of the most common questions we are asked is “Can we book the Marriott Vacation Club Getaways if we buy a resale?” The answer is; “yes, of course, you can”.

Getaway weeks are simply timeshare weeks that have been deposited with the exchange company and due to circumstances such as, excess inventory or it is getting close to the travel date (usually within 90 days), the weeks have not been used. These weeks now belong to the exchange company, not to the timeshare owner or the resort developer or management company.

The exchange network generally offers all Getaways to all members, premium level memberships may have special offerings from time to time. Therefore owners of Marriott Vacation Club timeshare who are also members of Interval International have access to all Getaways, including Marriott Vacation Club resorts.

You will still have exactly the same choice of membership levels with Interval International. Some exchange companies may also purchase additional inventory in timeshare and non-timeshare resorts to provide members with the additional choice of Getaways/Additional Holidays. It is the same principle with any other timeshare resale or exchange company, if you are not the original owner or purchaser of the timeshare, this will not make a difference to the exchange company for Exchanges or Getaways.

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