Family vacations provide you with the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with your kids, that are guaranteed to bring the whole family closer together. Kids and grandkids grow up faster than you could ever imagine, so travelling together and experiencing new places is of huge importance. However, traveling with kids is easier said than done, and there are several important things to consider before packing the family up and heading off into the sunset.

Since summer is almost here, we have put together a list of handy tips for you to bear in mind when traveling with kids.

Traveling With Kids Between Ages 0-4

Traveling with infants and toddlers can be a challenge for even the most patient of parents. Understandably, parents will always want to ensure their child’s safety and comfort when traveling with them, but they often run into hurdles when trying to make sure everything runs seamlessly. The first thing to do when traveling with kids, is to give yourselves plenty of time to get to and from airports, shuttle stops, and destinations. Accounting for a toddler’s curious exploring and tantrums is perhaps the most important preparation to make.

Secondly, don’t skimp on supplies. Be sure you have enough clothes (no matter whether you’re traveling during the winter or summer), baby wipes, nappies, sunscreen, and anything else you could possibly need. It’s always a good idea to download child-friendly apps onto your phone or iPad to keep them entertained during travel.

Lastly, try and find a resort that offers babysitting services like Marriott´s Playa Andaluza. You’ll love all the memories you’re making with your little ones, but at least one night of adults-only activity is necessary for your emotional wellbeing.

traveling with kids

Ages 5-10

When traveling with kids who are slightly older, the vacation needs can vary somewhat. Keeping this age group entertained on vacation is marginally easier than traveling with toddlers, but it is still important to keep a few key things in mind. Bring plenty of activities or games wherever you’re going, in case it rains, or they fall ill during your vacation. Additionally, when choosing your resort, make sure you pick a resort that offers plenty of on-site amenities that are kid-friendly. Marriott´s Marbella Beach Resort has a great selection of amenities such as a large swimming pool as well as being right on the beach. Some resorts, like Marriott´s Village Díle de France, offer educational children’s activities on-site.

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Ages 11+

Preteens and teenagers are at the stage where they are becoming more independent and therefore don’t require as much careful preparation as younger children. However, in order to avoid family squabbles on vacation, be sure to include them when planning your itinerary. Involve them in decisions on what to see and when—it will result in them becoming more interested in contributing to the trip.