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Alanda Club Marbella Rentals

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All of our Alanda Club Marbella Rentals are direct from the owner and the prices can be negotiable. Please contact us with any rental requirements you need as sometimes not everything has been uploaded onto the website. Many of our rental clients end up purchasing an ownership from us in the Alanda Club Marbella as in the long run it works out a lot cheaper to own.

Alanda Club Marbella Rentals

Alanda Club Marbella

As the number one reseller for Alanda Club Marbella Resorts we have a sellers and rentals database with owners that have reservations booked in Alanda Club Marbella.

Renting is a great way to try it before you buy it. When you rent from Fab you will receive written confirmation from Alanda Club Marbella in your name confirming the arrival and departure date, the number of bedrooms of your apartment and all other information you to check in at the resort.

Weekly rentals can range from €1000 to €3000 depending on size and the time of year however ALL are open to offers.

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January, February, March & April 2020

May – June 2020

13th to 20th June 2020 (2 bed) RENTED

20th to 27th June 2020 (2 bed) RENTED

July 2021

31st Jul to 7th Aug 2021 (3 bed Penthouse) AVAILABLE

August 2021

7th to 14th August 2021 (3 bed Penthouse) AVAILABLE

September 2019

7th Sept to 14th Sept 2019 (2 bed) RENTED

13th Sept to 20th Sept 2019 (2 bed) RENTED

20th Sept to 27th Sept 2019 (2 bed) AVAILABLE 

September 2020

4th Sept to 11th Sept 2020 (2 bed) AVAILABLE


October 2018

13th Oct to 20th Oct 2018 (2 bed) RENTED

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