Let’s be honest, food has to be one of Spain’s biggest draws.

While foodies have long known about all the tasty treats Spanish cuisine has to offer, it seems that the rest of the world has now caught on to just how delicious and varied the regional fare is in this Southern European country. The Spanish province of Mallorca is no different with its simple but flavorful food.

Here are 8 Mallorca restaurants to try on your next vacation that will make your taste buds sing.

1. Tast

This is the place to go for the most authentic pintxos and tapas on the island. Tast uses fresh ingredients for their dishes which are locally sourced whenever possible.

There are several locations throughout the city, all offering the same great quality with slight twists to each location’s menu. So, you can try all of them without getting bored with what they have to offer.

A favorite with locals, it can be difficult to get a table if you just pop in for a bite. Thankfully, they have all of their numbers easy to find on their page, as well as an email form. This makes it super simple to make a reservation.

2. Zaranda

The fact this is the only one of Mallorca’s restaurants to have two Michelin stars should be all you need to entice you to go. But if that isn’t enough, chef Fernando Pérez Arellano not only uses locally sourced produce to create his mouth-watering dishes, but he also uses local artisans to create tableware.

It is important to note, however, that Zaranda is only a seasonal restaurant. So, if you travel between Oct and Feb, you won’t be able to sample what this gem has to offer. If you are heading over in the summer months, be sure you book well in advance as they fill up fast and don’t accept reservations within 24 hours of when you want to dine.

3. Simply Fosh

Located in a 17th-century hotel in the heart of Palma, this contemporary take on traditional Mediterranean fare shouldn’t be missed by those looking for a next-level dining experience. Much like the previous two entries on this list, they use local produce to put their special spin on regional favorites like eel tortellini and mushroom confit with beetroot.

Instead of having a set menu, they have various tasting menus to highlight what is in season and the peak of its flavor at the time. Needless to say, this is hardly a Mallorca tourist trap and an absolute must for anyone serious about food.

4. Salvia Hotel Restaurant

This is another seasonal restaurant, but if you can get in, trust us when we say it’s worth it. Located in a 19th-century mansion, there are only 30 tables, making it one of the smaller venues on this list. Plus, since it is adults-only, it can be a great way to have a romantic date night without having to worry about families being loud at a nearby table.

Thanks to daily deliveries, you know you will be getting the freshest, tastiest produce available. Plus, German-born chef Martin Winkler will make sure every dish is that perfect blend of healthy and delicious thanks to his background in nutrition.

And despite its relatively short opening time during the year, the menu changes three times. So, if you time it right and are lucky enough to get a reservation twice, you will get to sample a variety of dishes at this gem of a Mallorca restaurant.

5. Cellar Sa Premsa

Nestled in an old wine cellar, this staple of the Palma dining scene has been around since 1958, making it one of the longest-running establishments on our list. While it tends toward more traditional fare (think suckling pig and cured sausage) the low ceilings and reserved vibe, complete with old wine barrels as decoration, set it apart from many of the other places on this list.

Plus, it is slightly more affordable than several of the options we have mentioned, making it a great choice for those traveling on a budget. If you are looking for a unique experience with affordable yet tasty food, this is the spot for you.

6. Agapanto

Overlooking the sea and not too far from Salvia, this romantic and lively restaurant is perfect for sweeping views and amazing food. Part of what makes the menu so special is that most of the ingredients come from the restaurant’s own garden and those that don’t are locally sourced.

The terrace dining area is one of the best places to get sweeping views of the harbor. When the torches are lit and the candles are out, it has a particularly romantic vibe. Be sure to also swing by on a night when live music is playing, as they tend to feature some of the best local talent.

7. Es Coll d’Os

With a menu that changes weekly, this charming and understated restaurant is well worth the trip. Located in a stone courtyard, the kitchen offers up tasty local treats revolving around fish and meat-based dishes.

The atmosphere is laid back and romantic with candles lighting the dining room and jazz playing softly in the background. If you go in summer, enjoy the shady terrace and soft breezes.

It should be noted that this restaurant has a set menu every week, but they can make substitutions if you let them know ahead of time when you book.

8. Casa Alvaro

This recent addition to the dining scene in Mallorca creates gourmet tapas and delightful paellas. Chef Alvaro, who runs the kitchen, relocated from Barcelona and wanted to bring his special twist on traditional mainland Spanish cuisine to the tiny island.

The decor is minimalist, with a blackboard serving as the menu and local art being displayed on the walls. While it may not be the most romantic or authentic Mallorcan restaurant, you are bound to leave with happy tastebuds and a full stomach.

Try out These Mallorca Restaurants on Your Next Vacation

These are just a few ideas of what to eat in what is quickly becoming a haven for the farm to fork movement in Spain. With so many Mallorca restaurants either growing their own produce or choosing to use locally sourced ingredients, you can taste the freshness with each bite.

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