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“Beachside buzz and city bliss” is how GoEuro, the travel metasearch engine, has described Palma de Mallorca. Moreover, it has voted Palma de Mallorca third in their list of Best European Beach Destinations. Not bad at all, as they considered a long list of 1000 cities, and chose Palma de Mallorca from the whittled-down list of 100. What a job… we guess someone had to do it!

How did they reach the winning formula?

The criteria used was based on:

Beach Points: The total score is a combination of all the factors below. Each beach had the possibility of scoring 100 points out of 5 categories in which 20 points could be awarded.

Beach Type: What do you like when it comes to beach-life? This was based on whether the beach was sand or stone, the amount of beaches in the city, and the highest rated beaches on TripAdvisor.

Travel Convenience: How will you get there, how long will the journey take?

Temperature: Come on in, the water’s lovely! Of course, the all important temperature, of both the sand and the water.  Temperature data was taken from Ou-et-quand.

Water Sports: For those of us that don’t like to sit still, what watersports are there, hiring equipment, and what’s available? Water sport data was taken from TripAdvisor.

Nightlife: When it comes to entertainment, what’s available?  The cost of a drink too came into  consideration, so the report looked at the average price of a 0.5 litre of beer and 0.33 litre of water. Nightlife data was taken from TripAdvisor and Numbeo.  Source: GoEuro

Marriott’s Son Antem timeshare

If you have a timeshare apartment at Marriott’s Club Son Antem, then you are probably in firm agreement. If not, then you’re probably considering a resale or rental opportunity. That’s a great choice! Watch this video to see just why.

Palma de Mallorca and Club Son Antem

A city beach destination will fulfill most of the criteria on the pickiest holiday checklist. Take the culture and sightseeing, the array of international food choice, and endless shopping opportunities. Then add the magic of a clean and popular beach, the sunshine, and you have the perfect holiday recipe. The icing on the cake is truly unbeatable accommodation. Club Son Antem is just that, a luxurious retreat, and specialises in making your holiday one to remember. World class golf facilities, relaxing spa services, and those enticing swimming pools when you’ve had enough of the sparkling sea.

Local delights in Palma de Mallorca

Discover Mallorca’s rich and diverse cultural history, sample the local food and wine, see the sights. The green and mountainous landscapes frame the clean beaches and cooler coastal side to Mallorca. When you need to just sit back and relax under the warm sunshine, simply take it easy at your well-chosen timeshare accommodation. Smile, because, with a Marriott’s Son Antem timeshare, you’ve found vacation heaven – and it’s now award winning too! Marriott’s Club Son Antem Mallorca is another one of Marriott’s leading luxury holiday resorts and also an Interval International Elite resort. It was awarded again with TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2015.

Have you stayed at Marriott’s Son Antem? What did you love about it? Drop us a comment and let us know.