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Do you have a timeshare, or are you considering getting one? Geoff Chapman, TATOC director and happy timeshare owner shared with Share Time magazine why he loves his timeshare.

I have been a happy timeshare owner for 35 years and in that time many people have asked me what it is about timeshare that makes it work so well for my wife and I.

When people ask me about timeshare, I find the answer is best delivered slowly, and over a cold lager or a jug of sangria.  Make it a steak and I’ll talk forever.

Over the years we have had many types of holidays from caravans to Caribbean cruises but without any doubt whatsoever the family holidays we have taken with timeshare have been the very best holidays of all.

In the 30 years I have enjoyed ownership of fixed and floating weeks, points, and membership of all three major timeshare exchange companies, and we have been away as many as six times in a year. But am I just a blinkered timeshare fanatic? – Not at all!

We had a lovely holiday with friends in a beautiful lodge at a non-timeshare resort in Wales this summer, but it cost me £1,200 for the week.

I couldn’t stop thinking that for this money I could easily have had two or three similar holidays with timeshare in accommodation at least as good or better – and at a resort that was less ‘commercial’, if you will forgive the phrase.

A few years ago my wife Sandra and I celebrated a special occasion by treating ourselves to a hotel in Majorca with a balcony literally hanging over the beach.

A superb hotel and location, but we had only the hotel room (en suite of course) but where was the space we love to have? Where was the lounge for when I get up early in the morning, and where was the kitchen so we could have a private breakfast on our balcony in the morning?

We had a great time but we both agreed – ‘let’s book another timeshare holiday when we get back’.

My experience of timeshare is one of high quality accommodation in high quality resorts, with huge choice and flexibility.  Next year my two grandchildren have their 18th and 21st birthdays, and Sandra and I have a special anniversary. We have decided to combine our celebrations of all these occasions by taking a special holiday together.

And when it comes to celebrating these special occasions with a really special holiday there was absolutely no competition.  The unanimous vote was ‘let’s book another timeshare holiday’.   The request is in to our exchange company and we’re keeping a keen eye on the e-mails.

Timeshare has provided my family with excellent holidays and experiences for more than 30 years and over three generations – and still continues to do so. We’ve tried many other options and we keep coming back. They’re exceptional holidays for any occasion – but especially for those special ones.

So – if you want to know more about what’s great about timeshare let me know.  Get a bottle of red wine in and, if you want the whole story, some nicely aged rib-eye.  If you’re not impressed I’ll pick up the tab.

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