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If you are looking for a holiday rental, beach access will probably be at the top of your wish list according to a recent report carried out by AB Property Marketing.

Even with theme parks, skiing, safaris and big city life, most people still want the old fallback of sun, sea and sand. In Expedia’s 2013 Flip Flip Report, 46 per cent of holidaymakers surveyed had taken a beach holiday in the past year while a strong majority (64 per cent) hoped to in the coming year.

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of Appassionata which has renovated holiday homes in Italy, said: “As holiday home owners become more discerning, they are increasingly listing access to a beach as a key requirement.”

Spain has traditionally been very strong in providing what holiday-goers want but is now having to compete with other European nations. The report lists Albania in particular as an emerging beach holiday destination. With the pristine beaches of the Adriatic coupled with the country’s investment in new exclusive beach resorts and holiday flats and villas at extremely competitive prices, Albania has enjoyed a surge in buyers who want holiday homes on beachfront property.

Outside Europe, holidaymakers can always cruise or fly to the Caribbean, perhaps the island nation of Grenada which, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, is predicted to be the fastest growing market in the Caribbean for the next decade.

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