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Why A Vacation Club Is The Best Way To Travel!

What makes a vacation club such a great way to travel? In this article we explore what a vacation club is and the many ways frequent traveler's can benefit from owning a vacation club timeshare. What Is A Vacation Club? A vacation club membership is a type of...

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Marriott’s Phuket Beachclub: Nearby Things To Do

Phuket is the most accessible of Thailand’s island destinations and it’s also the gateway to a great many of the world famous Thailand beaches, national parks and islands that come to mind when you think of Thailand. Phuket island has a rich cultural history,...

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Anyone can join the Marriott Rewards program!

The world renowned Marriott Hotel Group are now promising cheaper accommodation for those who become members of their rewards program. Marriott have recently announced that they will be offering lower booking rates to those who sign up to the Marriott Rewards program,...

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Where To Go In France

According to statistics recently published, France is the world’s most visited country. It’s blend of culture and romance with fine foods and wines, as well as the variation of stunning coast lines, mountains and cities brimming with stunning sights and views, are...

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Mallorca In The Spring: What To Do

Spring is upon us in Spain and although the clocks do not officially change until later this month, the weather is a reflection that it is by far warm enough for a warm break, away from the maddening crowds. With Mallorca being just a short flight away from the UK and...

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The Alternatives To Selling Your Marriott Timeshare

Although timeshare is different to traditional property ownership, you still own a share of the time that you are entitled to spend in a unit in your home resort. You can own it forever or for a specific period time as specified by your contract, but the fact remains...

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Understanding Timeshare Season Colours

Understanding timeshare season colours can be confusing at first glance, but essentially they ensure that customers and timeshare companies alike have a quick universal reference point of understand whether certain weeks are high, medium and low season weeks throughout the year, with regards to demand.

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Spotlight on Marriott’s Village d’lle-de-France

Marriott's Village d'lle-de-France is situated in the beautiful French countryside, just a stone's throw away from Disneyland Paris. It is also conveniently nearby the champagne region of France and the discounted shopping opportunities at Val D'Europe. Accomodation...

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