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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]One of the most popular and exciting destinations in the world for those looking for the perfect beach holiday is Thailand. If you have been to Thailand you know why it is such a special place and why people go back there time and time again. This is why owning Timeshare in Thailand is such a fantastic investment because not only will you never tire of going there but people will always be looking to exchange weeks to experience if for themselves.

One of the most popular timeshare resorts in Thailand is the Marriott Vacation Club in Phuket and we have many great offers for resales at this exclusive resort so be sure to check them out while your here.

If you are looking for the ultimate beach holiday then Phuket should be on your list as it has some of the best beaches in the world.  Here is our pick of the best beaches in Phuket, that are definitely worth a visit

Patong Beach

Despite its wild reputation, Patong beach is a must-visit if you love to party. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to entertain you, along with the region’s notorious cabaret shows and go-go bars. The nightlife here is very vibrant, and there are nearly hundreds of restaurants, discos, beer bars and other sites of indulgence. Most of the nightlife centers around the Soi Bangla region. If you arrive at night straight from the airport, beware. The hot and chaotic streets and blinding neon can be overwhelming. But when you adjust to the frenetic pace of this decadence-loving beach resort, you’ll find the beach is the best on the island for forgetting your worries and joining in the mad rush of living.

Karon Beach

Just south of Patong is Phuket’s third longest beach, Karon. This is the beach to go to if you want to enjoy diving and snorkeling. You’ll never feel crowded in by the others on the beach, since it is wide enough to accommodate beachgoers. Next to Patong, this is where the visitors go. Karon beach has excellent dining, nightlife and shopping in the small city and around the Luang Poh Chuan Road as well as a wonderful beach road for taking an evening stroll.

Kata Beach

South of Karon is Kata, a pleasant and less raucous beach alternative to its northerly siblings. The bay of Kata is draws surfers from May to October. Winter in the northern hemisphere sends sun-seekers to Kata between November and April. This beach is also very popular with families, and there are many accommodation options nearby. There is also some nightlife that is fun but not as decadent as unrestrained as Patong. There are several shops here, where visitors can buy souvenirs as well as fashion brands.

Mai Khao Beach

If you’re in Phuket for some peace and relaxation and not shaking a leg with other mad revelers, you may want to head to Mai Khao Beach. Located on the northwest coast, this beach has so far been more or less left alone by developers. It runs on for 11 kilometers and belongs to the Sirinat National Park. Stretches of coarse sand, like “white wood”, which is what the name of the beach translates to, are often deserted. You can walk for kilometers along the beach without seeing a single soul. This also means that accommodation is limited at the beach – the only two major developments here are the Phuket International Airport nearby and the Marriot Phuket Resort. Note that swimming here is not safe between May and November – the beach drops sharply down into the Andaman a short distance from the shoreline.

Laem Singh Beach

This is a hidden gem of a beach on the west coast, and one of Phuket’s most beautiful. Just 150 meters long, the beach hides liek a secret beach under a steep cliff, fringed by palm trees and huge boulders. The beach can get crowded in peak season, but on sunny days in the low season it is usually pleasant and not too crowded. The beach is accessible from the main Beach Road, and it sits between Surin and Kamala beaches. There are two paths from the beach up to two car parks to the north and south, though it can be hard to find parking space in peak season.

Kamala Beach

If you want to enjoy some sun and spray in tranquility, the calm waters and peaceful sands of Kamala Beach is a perfect choice. Not only does it offer a wonderful ambiance for sunbathing, snorkelers can chase underwater shots on the northern end. The waters off this beach is clear and calm between November and April, though between May and October, the SW monsoon winds and ocean swell can bring huge waves but the beach is mostly safe for swimming.

Phuket is a popular tourist destination but the beauty of Phuket’s coastal setting still remains intact. The top beaches listed here, and others like Ao Sane, Banana Beach, Freedom Beach, Bangtao Beach, Friendship Beach and others have a good mix of fun and touristy, or quiet and secluded for miles. No matter what kind of beach experience you are looking for, this tropical paradise has it.