Marbella has long been on the tourist map of southern Spain, and with good reason.

Its position at the foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains along with beautiful beaches and promenades make it the ideal place to relax and unwind. Yet, there are still plenty of fun things to do!

This privileged location also means that the local food is out of this world. There are so many options available, and whether you’re after international flavors or local tastes, you’ll be rewarded with some stunning culinary gems.

Here’s our guide to 10 amazing restaurants in Marbella you’ve got to try.

Family Restaurants

In Marbella, finding a great meal does not mean having to part with hundreds of Euros. There are many family-friendly restaurants that offer exceptional value, without compromising on quality or service.

Here are our favorites:

1. Las Flores

No trip to Marbella would be complete without sampling the king of local dishes – paella.

Located by Playas Andaluzas, Las Flores is a local restaurant that’s bursting with Andalusian charm. Hearty meals such as steaks and seafood platters are served up alongside the aforementioned paella. This rich riot of saffron rice and seafood is best washed down with a crisp glass of white wine, while watching the surf roll in.

2. Casa Aranda

Marbella is definitely a cultural melting pot these days, and that’s reflected in the wide range of food available in its over 600 restaurants and cafes.

But sometimes, all you want it some traditional Spanish comfort food. And it doesn’t come any better than hot chocolate and churros.

For the uninitiated, churros are extruded Spanish donuts, deep fried to golden perfection. The hot chocolate served alongside them is rich and decadent – dunking is not just tolerated, it is positively encouraged.

Don’t leave Marbella without indulging in this local delicacy.

3. Vegetarian El Calafate

Although Marbella is renowned for its meat and seafood, not all diners are looking for carnivorous indulgence. If you’re among that number, then head down to one of the best restaurants in Marbella for vegetarians – Vegetarian El Calafate, on Calle Andres Peres 6.

Not only does it offer a fantastic range of vegetarian dishes, showcasing the local produce, it’s also a great value. Currently, a three-course meal will set you back around €10!

High-End Restaurants in Marbella

Marbella has long been known as the playground of the rich and famous.

A profusion of high-end restaurants now caters to those who have a taste for the finer things in life. Here are our top fine dining picks:

4. Restaurante Dani Garcia

Located on Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Dani Garcia restaurant holds the distinction of being one of the few restaurants in Marbella to hold a coveted Michelin star – in fact, it has three of them.

This place is on the pricier side and is definitely a fine dining experience. It would make the perfect setting for a special occasion.

If this appeals to you then the gastronomic tasting menu is not to be missed. It brings together local ingredients, such as razor clams and wood pigeon, and cutting-edge culinary techniques.

5. Paco Jimenez

Located at the Plaza de Los Naranjos in the heart of the old town, Paco Jimenez exudes a local charm, yet with an intimate exclusive atmosphere. In this setting, head chef Paco takes you on a culinary journey through Andalusia.

Perfect for a romantic night out, you can feast on local ‘Jamon Iberico’ for a starter, before moving on to loin of sea bass, or crusted rack of lamb for main. All perfectly proportioned and presented with exquisite attention to detail.

Local Cuisine at its Finest

The climate of Andalusia lends itself to producing a wide variety of delicious local fare. Add to that the fisherman’s haul, and there’s plenty to tempt you whether this is your first trip, or you keep coming back for more.

6. Back Tapas Bar & Restaurant

No trip to Marbella would be complete without a tapas dinner.

Back Tapas has this down to a fine art. Situated on Calle Pablo Casals 8, it is home to some of the best tapas you’ll ever encounter. Options range from steak tartare to bacalao (dried salt cod) and everything in between. Set menus are also available from €30 upwards.

Along with the finest tapas in Marbella, they also have a cocktail list that’s well worth a look!

7. Restaurante DOM

One of the more moderately priced restaurants in Marbella serving up local Andalusian cuisine, Restaurante DOM on Calle Mario Vargas Llosa is definitely worth a visit – and make sure you make a reservation first!

Here you’ll be able to try local food exquisitely presented, including cod salad, scarlet shrimp and grilled turbot. That being said, there is plenty of local meat on offer too, with the grilled duck breast also a must-try.

8. La Habana Lounge

For many people, the thought of a trip to southern Spain means one thing – fantastic seafood!

You can do no better than to head down to La Habana Lounge on Edificio Muelle Levante, in the popular Puerto Banus part of town. Diners rave about the freshness of the fish and the sweet succulence of the prawns, clams, and octopus.

This restaurant also gets high praise for its friendly service, sumptuous desserts, and stunning location, with gorgeous views of the harbor to enjoy while you dine.

Something Different

Marbella has more to offer than just Spanish cuisine at its finest.

Here are two international picks that should not be missed!

9. Momo Old Town

If you can’t get enough of fusion food, then head down to Momo Old Town, located on Calle Tetuan 7. You’ll be treated to a perfectly executed mix of east meets west.

Worth looking out for is their much loved Japanese favorites gyoza and prawn tempura, along with their fusion classics like French Duck with Oriental Vegetables.

10. Beckett’s

An Irish restaurant in Marbella? Yes, it’s that, but also so much more.

Beckett’s on Calle Camilo Jose Cela 4 is a little off the beaten track, but well worth the effort. It has a sophisticated Irish inspired international menu, with the chowder, salmon, and, of course, Irish coffee forever popular with guests.

In Summary: The Best Restaurants in Marbella

With so much variety and so many cultures to choose from, there’s something for everybody in the bustling town of Marbella.

The best restaurants in Marbella all have one thing in common – they capture the vibrancy of the local area. Fresh ingredients, local products, and warm Spanish hospitality combine to make you never want to leave.

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