Timeshare Rentals Demand Grows As Hotel Rates Soar

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July is without a doubt the most popular month for timeshare rentals, and this year we have seen this relatively new industry breaking records and reaching all-time highs in popularity and demand. The convenience, unique qualities, and widespread availability of timeshare vacation rentals have spiked interest amongst worldwide travellers as the new way to have an affordable holiday whilst still being able to find luxury accommodations without breaking the bank.

If you pair that with the drastic increase in hotel rates that has been predicted worldwide, then you would naturally assume that more people are opting for holiday apartment rentals via Airbnb and HomeAway – however, there are even better options in the form of timeshare rentals!

The industry of timeshare rentals is growing incredibly fast, but before you decide whether or not timeshare rentals are the right choice for you, here’s a look at some of the common problems with staying in hotels when going on holiday.

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Hotel Rates Are Increasing Rapidly

According to the Global Business Travel Association, hotel occupancy rates are at an all time high, and the supply of accommodation available in peak season isn’t meeting the demand. GBTA predicts that hotel rates will increase by 4.7 percent in the United States alone and 2.5 percent worldwide. Fewer new accommodations and lesser competition due to the Marriott-Starwood merger will be the main causes for this predicted percentage.

Holiday makers who usually stay in hotels are most likely wondering by now why they should pay extortionate hotel rates for room standards that they’ve seen hundreds of times before. The vast majority of hotel rooms are incredibly similar—small in size, only the most basic accommodations, uninspiring decor, and lack of good views leave plenty to be desired in a vacation space. This is why more and more people are turning to timeshare rentals at popular resorts like Marriott’s Marbella beach resort and Marriott’s Playa Andaluza.


The Downsides Of Holiday Rentals

Contrary to popular belief, holiday rentals are not always the answer either! Real estate and landlord laws are different depending on the area you’re traveling to, and you may not find exactly what you’re looking for on the vacation rental market. Plus, the accommodations almost always come in the form of someone’s house or apartment, oftentimes requiring you to share a space with strangers or if not, then lacking amenities such as toilet paper, coffee etc. Additionally, renting a holiday home means you miss out on the fabulous services and on-site amenities that usually come with a high-quality hotel or resort.

So, if you want the best of both worlds, then timeshare rentals are the way forward.

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Save Money, Live in Luxury: Rent a Timeshare

Marriott timeshare rentals provide you with spacious, unique accommodations you desire at affordable prices, in popular tourist destinations all over the world. Whether it’s a spacious two bedroom apartment at the Marriott’s Marbella Beach resort or you’re looking for a luxury villa at Marriott’s Son Antem in Mallorca, there’s almost always a timeshare rental in a popular destination at an affordable rate for you to take advantage of. All of our timeshare rentals are at luxury Marriott Vacation Club resorts, meaning you can enjoy access to recreation areas, on-site dining options, room service, and housekeeping. Please contact us for more information on our latest promotions and offers!