One of the main reasons why families travelling on a budget prefer to opt for staying in a timeshare, is that it usually offers excellent value for money. On a cost-per-night basis, timeshare offers far superior value for money, to staying in a hotel in the mid to long term. It is even possible to take friends or additional family members on holiday, as the self-catering apartments  or villas can offer flexible accommodation. If friends and family are likely to be invited, make sure that the timeshare apartment has sufficient room for everyone, to make the most of your holiday and avoid family squabbles.

Family having fun in countryside

Timeshare resorts also offer plenty of amenities to keep the children happy. Whether it is a fun club for the younger kids or games rooms and sports facilities for the older children, youngsters should never get bored on a timeshare holiday. Parents too will enjoy the facilities that quality timeshare resorts offer, with pools, gyms, live entertainment and even beauty salons to provide a bit of pampering.

Exchange holidays also mean that families are not restricted to just one area at one time of year. This allows for the holiday to be slightly tweaked as the children’s interests change and it also allows some flexibility in work schedules for parents. Families can head to the beach in the summer holidays one year, then head off for a bit of winter sun the year after.

What if I decide to sell my timeshare?

If you are considering selling timeshare, the young family is the ideal target market. The facilities that resorts offer are effect for this group, with medical facilities on the resort in case of mishaps, mini markets for the family’s shopping needs and the choice of eating in or out as desired. The more attractive the resort and the more facilities that are available on site, the easier it will be to market. Finding the ideal buyer can be tricky if you try it alone, but there are specialist companies like FABtimeshare that are able to target the right market and can even assist you with the technical aspects of the sale.


Which resort should you consider travelling to?

It all depends on the age group of the friends or family members you are travelling with and whether you plan on spending most of your time in the resort, or if you prefer to stay somewhere which has plentiful amenities nearby. For example, Marriott’s club Son Antem, in Mallorca offers spacious townhouses with plenty of things to do with the kids on the island, as well as fine dining experiences and a 5 star golf course right on the doorstep for adults. If you want to have a holiday as a treat for the kids, then you could choose to stay at Marriott’s Village Díle de France, which is just a stone’s throw away from both the city center of Paris and world famous theme park, Disneyland.

If you are seeking to travel further afield with a group of adult friends and enjoy a spot of island life, then you could purchase a timeshare resale which enables you to get away from it all like Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons which is a beautiful resort property overlooking the ocean. The best part about the resort is it’s seclusion away from the crowds which has everything you need including large, spacious rooms, a beautiful pool, and scenic views overlooking an adjacent bay and golf course.