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St Kitts is one of the idyllic islands in the Caribbean that still remains relatively unspoilt. With stunning white sand beaches and crystalline waters, many make the journey to this tropical island to enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation. The best beaches are located in the South of the island whilst many of the things to do are located in the Northern part. St Kitts is largely unspoiled by tourism, and that means families can have some unique experiences here. Here are the top things to do in St Kitts with kids.


Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

If you only have time to do one thing in St. Kitts, make sure you pay a visit here. This enormous fortress, built by African slaves for the British army, is still largely intact (one reason it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site). After watching a little introductory movie, you can climb stone stairs up to the top, and walk along the cannon-lined fortress with sweeping views of nearby St. Eustatius and Nevis. Inside the fortress, stroll in and out of the little rooms converted into mini-museums and displays, filled with artefacts. Marriott’s St Kitts Beach Resort is located nearby, so be sure to check out our latest promotions!
Have Fun In The Sun
Another one of the great things to do in St Kitts with kids is to snorkel off the beach in the calm waters of Frigate Bay beach, (locals call it the “party beach” because they host big bonfires on Thursday nights). A little way down the road is an “amusement center” — which is an outdoor park of inflatable bouncy castles. (I’d go early, before the plastic gets too hot). Reggae Beach is also a festive setting. The beach bar is decorated with T-shirts and license plates, and you can while away the hours listening to some reggae music. Rent snorkels and kayaks, snap pictures of the few caged monkeys, or swim out to a floating platform that has a few chairs on it. A slightly more upmarket beach is South Friar’s Beach, next to the Carramba Beach Club. It is wonderfully clean and there are beautiful mountain views.
The St Kitts Scenic Railway
A truly spectacular way to see the island and the breathtaking views it offers is by taking a ride on the St Kitts scenic railway. An entertaining narrator points out sites as the train slowly wobbles along (it goes only 10 mph). It is a great  way to get an overview of the island and learn a little bit about it during the two hour trip.
Feed The Monkeys
There are green verve monkeys everywhere on St Kitts- they are as common as squirrels are in Hyde Park. You can buy some nuts and throw food for them and let the kids delight in watching them annoy the locals.