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On Tuesday we shared an article listing great things to do when holidaying with children in the Costa del Sol. In Spain there is something for everyone, or should we say, everything.

Not only has Spain long been adept at ticking all the required boxes needed for a memorable family holiday, but now the country has gone one further by opening a water park designed specifically – and exclusively – for canines.

The Resort Canino Can Jane, located close to Barcelona in the town of Roca del Valles, has been leaving pooches panting for more since it opened last month. Boasting gentle, dog-friendly gradients and slopes into the pools, extra tough inflatables and even a couple of water slides, the entire resort is suitable for dogs of all age and sizes…

The park’s creator, Federico Cano, hit upon the idea of a dog-only waterpark after observing how some resorts in the region had begun allowing dogs into some pools in order to swim alongside their owners. Having seen how much both man and beast enjoyed the experience, Cano decided to design a four-paw resort designed to allow dogs to safely splash about.

“I don’t see why dogs should not be allowed to enjoy a swim when the weather gets hot just like people can – especially here in Spain where it gets really hot,” said Cano. “I designed it so that it was a little bit like a beach with a gradual slope that is exactly what dogs appreciate.”

Cano admitted that the filtering system has had to be upgraded in order to deal with the added detritus that naturally builds up as pooches paddle about the pool, but otherwise, he claims, the pools are perfectly safe and clean for humans and dogs to enjoy.

While some dogs are a little tentative at first, pretty much every canine that has visited has ended up enjoying the experience so much that it can prove difficult to get them out. “The best thing is that the dogs really burn off a lot of energy coming here,” said Cano. “Take the dog to the resort for an hour and I can guarantee that it will sleep for the next two days!”

The resort’s owner also extolled the virtues of the water experience for older dogs that may struggle to walk long distances but will still be able to comfortably and happily swim for long periods.

The pool at the resort is 1,000 square meters and never more than 60 cm deep, with water games arranged at various intervals throughout the day, with both owner and dog encouraged to participate.

So if you’ve ever felt a pang of guilt as you’ve pulled up at the kennels on the way to the airport, or closed the front door behind you with Rover looking forlornly through the net curtains at you, then shed that guilt once and for all – bring the dog along with you to the Canino Can Jane Resort and you can both enjoy a splashing good time!

Source: http://www.yourviva.com/blog/2014/06/12/pooch-only-waterpark-opens-in-spain/