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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]If you missed the news this week there has been exciting announcements from the World of Disney with the much anticipated confirmation that a Star Wars land is going to be built in both Florida and California.

If that wasn’t enough excitement they have also announced that Toy Story Land and Avatar themed lands will be opened in Florida.

Star Wars was the big news for fans of the film and Disneyworld and the development at around 14 acres in size is the largest themed expansion in the company’s history.

The CEO of Disney Bob Iger said of the new Star Wars Land ‘We are creating a jaw-dropping new world,’ that will be ‘every bit as thrilling as the films’ full of new attractions and entertainment. In fact visitors can expect droids to be mixing with droids and “fantastic roaming beasts as they wander round the area.

Even the food area will be based on the famous Cantina from the original film so expect a rough bunch of freighter pilots, space pirates and outer galactic con men to be hanging around.

Some of the rides mentioned are the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon and another where you are right in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

Sounds like heaven for all Star Wars fans young and old.

The work is due to start in 2017 in California Park although no date has been set for Florida.

However before all this both US parks will have new work done as some of the existing attractions get a Star Wars makeover. The most prominent of these will be the Space Mountain ride one of the most popular with visitors to be renamed Hyper Space Mountain and new effects added so give a Star Wars feel with guests made to feel like they are in an Xwing battle.

Toy Story land is to be based at the Hollywood Studio theme park in Florida and the new 11 acre site will have visitors think they have been shrunk to the size of actual toys because everything around them will so much bigger.
All the rides and attractions will be based on the characters from the 3 films so far and lead creator for Disney Kathy Magnum stated the ‘We are looking at Hollywood Studios with different eyes, taking it from a behind-the-scenes experience to one that takes you into your favourite movies.’

The Avatar area will be added to Animal Kingdom and include both day and night attractions with one called the Flight of Passage that takes the passenger into one of the most famous scenes in the movie where you are riding a banshee over an alien world.

This is fantastic news for all lovers of Disney and for timeshare owners who will be able to use their weeks to visit fantastic resorts and hotels close to the parks and have a unforgettable family holiday year after year.

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