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Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club is a world-class luxury brand providing over 420,000 worldwide with unforgettable vacation experiences. For over 30 years, Marriott has earned itself a stellar reputation in vacation ownership, winning several awards for excellence. There are currently 55 luxury resorts under the Marriott Vacation Club brand, all of them in desirable holiday destinations around the globe.

Owning a Marriott timeshare opens the door to a plethora of options and benefits. At Fab timeshare, we are leaders in the field of timeshare resales and we specialise in helping customers of all ages buy, rent, or sell their Marriott Vacation Club timeshare.


What is Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriott Vacation Club International was introduced to the hospitality market in 1984, making Marriott the very first multi-national hospitality company to break into the timeshare market. Marriott’s primary focus was to bring its elite approach to customer service and innovation to vacation owners worldwide. Marriott timeshares are all located in prime locations, making them the most in-demand timeshares in the holiday industry.

Locations include tropical destinations like Florida, Hawaii, Aruba, and Thailand, as well as popular golf hotspots like the Costa del Sol, Mallorca and Arizona.

Each and every Marriott timeshare resorts offers you the opportunity to indulge in luxurious accommodations, boasting space, serenity and countless amenities.

If you are looking for the perfect holiday experience with family and friends, or you want to enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one, Marriott Vacation Club ownership is the ideal opportunity to create picture-perfect memories, year after year.

If you are looking to purchase a Marriott timeshare resale, there are two available options for ownership:

  • Weeks Ownership
  • Vacation Club Points Ownership

Select which type of Marriott timeshare ownership best suits your vacation style.

Take a look at our extensive inventory of Marriott timeshares for sale to get started, or call one of the Fab timeshare experts for more information and assistance.

Marriott Vacation Club Frequently Asked Questions

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