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Retirement used to mark the beginning of the end of a person’s life, but as more of us live longer and healthier lives, retirement can be a rewarding and productive era. Many retired people take up new hobbies, and explore places they have not been before, with timeshare during retirement being an extremely appealing option.

Why Timeshare During Retirement Is A Great Option

Having worked hard all their lives, many people who retire want to enjoy their later years and make good use of their savings, but some don’t necessarily have the sufficient funds to make a cash purchase of a property. A timeshare during retirement makes perfect sense, as it gives retired owners a special place to escape to in their favourite destination, with something to look forward to, year after year. As many older people appreciate spending time with their children and grandchildren, a timeshare can be a place to escape to for family holidays and gatherings. If a retired couple are not able to use their timeshare one year, they have the option to let the family enjoy it, too. Several Marriott timeshare resorts offer larger units, such as villas for timeshare resales or rentals, for example; Marriott’s Son Antem.


When people retire, their lives tend to become more flexible, which means that they are not restricted as to the times at which they can and can’t travel to go on holiday. This can make timeshare an incredibly attractive option, as it makes organising travel arrangements easier, but also means getting better deals on a timeshare, especially if holidays are not taken during peak season weeks.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

The majority of timeshare is based at luxury quality hotels and resorts, with well-known and trusted brands such as Marriott Vacation Club offering several options for resales worldwide at in demand locations such as Florida and the Costa del Sol, Spain. This can give potential new owners peace of mind that they are getting great value for money with excellent standards of service and facilities. Many timeshare resorts offer facilities that may appeal to retired people, such as golf, spa or thermal treatments, yoga classes, as well as fine dining, both on site and nearby the resorts.


The demands of bringing up children may mean that many parents have not been able to travel as widely as they would have liked. Once retired, this can open up new possibilities for exploring different countries and holiday experiences. With timeshare now offering great flexibility, owners don’t have to be tied down to one type of holiday, which could be perfect for those wanting to enjoy timeshare during retirement. From cruise holidays, to golfing retreats, city breaks and beach holidays, a retired timeshare owner can enjoy different experiences throughout the world, with the option of selling a time share and purchasing another, as requirements change.

Timeshare’s Which Are Close To Home

Many of those who have decided to retire,  might not want to go through the hassle of travel associated with foreign holidays which are too far afield- especially to a country where a good knowledge of a foreign language is required, just to be able to get around. In this circumstance, they might prefer holidaying closer to home. There are many timeshare properties available in your country of residence, which do not require you to pack your passport, or even get on a plane. From cosy cottages to country houses, castles and chic city hotels, there are plenty of great value timeshare during retirement options, which could be right on your doorstep!