If you’re looking to travel to Spain soon, you must consider Estepona, Spain. It’s a stunning seaside resort on the western side of the Costa del Sol that should not be missed.

Bask in the sun on Estepona’s Blue Flag beaches, sail away on a boat from the stylish marina, get a taste of culture at one of the towns authentic restaurants and Spanish beach bars.

It’s not all fun in the sun in Estepona, this town also has rich historical roots which you can experience for yourself at Centro Historico. Or go enjoy their more modern attractions like the brand new Orchidarium’s bold domes. Learn more about all the great things to do in Estepona right here.

Things To Do In Estepona

There’s a wide range of activities and places to go in the beautiful Estepona. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly and make sure you give yourself enough time to fall in love with Estepona, Spain.

1. Playa del Cristo

This is beach is the standout of the resort’s beaches. It’s hidden around the Punta de Doncella, near Estepona’s marina.

Here you’ll find a breakwater on the eastside with the natural curve of the bay which helps protect the beach from breezes and sea currents. This makes Playa del Cristo always have the perfect beach weather and it keeps the water transparent, pool-like surprisingly warm temperatures.

This also makes Playa del Cristo kid-friendly, as parents don’t have to worry about their children playing in rough waters.

2. Centro Historico

This is one of loveliest areas on the Costa del Sol, as it gives you a taste of a typical Andalsian town. Walk down the cobblestone streets adorned with geraniums and head to the Castillo de San Luis, designed by Spain’s Catholic Monarchs at the end of the 15th century.

You’ll also find a little square with a bell-tower that is the last remaining part of the original Iglesia de Los Remedios, which was destroyed in an earthquake in the mid-18th century.

Enjoy the are orange trees and Norfolk Island pines near the iron pavilion, where you might even be able to catch an outdoor concert by Estepona’s official Concert Band.

3. Orchidarium Estepona

While the Orchidarium has only been around since 2015, it’d already become a landmark and one of the western Costa del Sol’s main attractions.

Here you can see the modern building’s three glass domes, the tallest has a striking elliptical shape and is 30 metres tall. Under the domes are three breathtaking waterfalls, that fall in unison with a special show every hour.

These waterfalls are just one of the many features of Orchidarium Estepona that helps recreate the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and South America. You’ll also find more than 5,000 plant species at the Orchidarium, and the largest collection of orchids in Europe, that houses roughly 1,300 different species.

4. Paseo Maritimo

Here you’ll find beaches as far as the eye can see along with a ton of places to stop for refreshing drink or coffee. If you in the resort in the winter, you have to come here early to see the sunrise, the light is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and there aren’t any clouds in the sky.

It’s a hot spot for joggers and cyclists who love it here any time of the year. Probably because of the flower beds that separate the promenade from the road at points, and the palms, succulents and thick vegetation that blocks all sight of the road.

5. Plaza de las Flores

At this charming square in the old-town the apartment towers of the Costa del Sol will feel a long way away.

It’s a satisfying place to be at any time of day: Early in the morning you’ll have it almost to yourself and can bask in the tranquillity as the town just begins to stir.

In the afternoon you can retreat to the shaded benches below the orange trees and admire the fountain at the center, encircled by a large flower bed.

And at night you’ll dine al fresco while the square hums with animated conversation and local children run around.

6. Playa La Rada

This is the largest beach that is also the closest to the old town. It’s long and broad with soft pale sand and an urban vibe because of the nearby apartment blocks and cafes.

There are also palm trees planted all along all 2.6 kilometers of the beach and there are play areas for kids and volleyball courts if that’s your style.

If you want some fun in the sun, but don’t mind the crowds this is the spot for you.

7. Estepona Marina

This is the resort’s upscale marina that has a ton of cafes, bars, and restaurants which give this spot a lively nightlife. During the day you could go for a stroll or a refreshing drink and marvel at the opulent yachts in all their glory.

If you’re here on a Sunday, don’t miss the stalls at the popular Tourist Market, right by the harbor that sells crafts and leather goods.

8. Corominas Necropolis

This spot is an archaeology museum that welcomes enthusiasts for occasional open days, but for the rest of the time you need to book a tour in advance.

If you’re into archaeolgy, you can’t miss this. It’s the best stone age burial site in the Costa del Sol region.

Venture into the five tombs that stilll look as they did 5,000 years ago. You can also heck out the artefacts of jewellery, arrowheads, ceramics, stone tools and pierced seashells in display cabinets

9. Selwo Aventura

Just outside Estepona, on your way to Marbella, you must check out this one million-square-metre animal park.

Here you’ll find white rhinos, Bengal tigers, zebras, lions and giraffes all in semi-captivity.

There are 2,000 creatures here, including “Kanvar”, the only Asiatic elephant born on Spanish soil.

Here you can also hop on a camel ride, play in the petting zoo and or take a trail on the rickety suspension bridges and the longest zip-line in Europe.

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