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The World Is Your Oyster With Marriott Vacation Club

There’s a reason why almost everyone loves to travel. During our lifetimes, there will never be a shortage of new,  exciting things to experience. If we look back in time throughout history, our development as both individuals and as a society, has been rooted in exploration and adventure.

With Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare Resorts, it is now easier than ever before, for interested parties to take advantage of which products they have to offer and become part of a new environment, lifestyle, and exotic, fascinating cultures.

World Travel With Marriott Vacation Club

When you purchase a Marriott Resort timeshare, you’ll receive a points-based ownership. With a one-time purchase, owners will receive an allocated amount of Vacation Club Points each year.

This enables owners not only to holiday at the variety of other fantastic Marriott resorts worldwide, but also provides you access to some great perks once you’ve accumulated enough points. For owners interested in sightseeing and world travelling, these points can be extremely useful! Here are some of the perks owners should take advantage of to make their travel interests materialize:

Guided Tours
There’s nothing more riveting than discovering unfamiliar territory for the first time. But while traveling down your own path can be cathartic in itself, a guided tour is great for finding all of the hidden gems about the history of a particular monument, landscape, or culture.

Specialty Packages and Local Activities
No matter which resort you choose as your home resort, or which country you prefer, Marriott Vacation Club has various options to make your trip as enchanting as possible. Marriott  offer special packages to owners, so they can really gain a better understanding of the location they’ve chosen to holiday in. The packages include everything from Exotic car driving to golf, yacht charters to whitewater rafting.

Exchange Partner Resorts

If you want to experience a new destination, then you can consider exchanging your existing timeshare for a different Marriott resort, in the various destinations offered, including Marriott’s affiliate partner Interval International, who offer owners access to vacation properties all across the globe. Please contact us for more information about our latest offers, discounts and how we can help you.