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There are a number of excellent reasons why one should consider to rent a timeshare, rather than staying in a hotel. The most obvious one being that they are generally a lot more affordable during peak seasons and they also offer a sense of unity, if you are travelling in a large group.


Whether you’re booking a trip for your family or a holiday with friends, more often than not, staying in a hotel if you are more than two people, just isn’t cost effective. Firstly, bear in mind that if there are more than a few people traveling together, multiple rooms need to be booked. This results in people having to  share beds or rooms, which can be awkward if they are not especially close to each other.  and if you have kids, their normal bedtime routine can be interrupted by other family members who want to stay out later.


During peak season in the busier tourist destinations, particularly in Europe, the cost of renting an entire holiday home for a week can be substantial more than a timeshare unit. You have to consider that most internet booking sites such as airbnb charge fees on top of the rental and you may be faced with other extra costs, such as cleaning and laundry fees, late check in fees etc. With a timeshare rental, you get the best of both worlds. You get the luxury of resort amenities, such as onsite restaurants, swimming pool, along with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Most timeshare resorts who have undergone recent refurbishment offer excellent value for money possibilities, for example, Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort who are currently renovating all of their units.

Other Advantages:

The other advantages of renting a timeshare, is that they are often family-friendly, with plenty of activities for everyone of all ages. Some timeshares have amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools and game rooms. Furthermore, a timeshare rental gives you a combination of home-like accommodations with resort-style amenities, offering friends, families and extended families a better opportunity to spend quality time together.

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