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Throughout the year, you are lucky enough to be able to travel all around the world, staying in magnificent resorts in Europe and further afield. Each new place is more breathtaking than the other, and you just can’t help but enjoy the view of the mountain, the sound of the sea lapping at the shore, the friendliness of the staff, and the ancient architecture you enjoy at your leisure. The best part of all these trips away, is that the resorts you stay at are always maintained for you, so you can go out and have some stress-free fun. With the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, this is all made possible, as you can go just about anywhere you’d like, anytime of the year. Here’s why Marriott timeshare is so popular:

Over 50 Marriott Vacation Club Resorts

Owning a timeshare in the Marriott Vacation Club opens many doors to exceptional resorts and destinations around the world. With a numerous timeshare destinations, you’ll never find yourself bored because of going to the same exact location year after year. You can choose from 50 outstanding vacation club resorts, each unforgettable with its five star allure and commodities. You can experience the charms of many sites or revisit the same ones that most appeal to you. The options are all yours when you’re an owner at the Marriott Vacation Club. To get an idea about the club’s destinations and resorts, here’s a generalized list of the locations you can expect to stay at:

As you can see, each location is easily accessible, with excellent climate and has many opportunities in store for you.

Comforts and Privileges

With the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, you can choose a unit of the size most appropriate to suit your needs. You can also choose to have as many as three bedrooms, and you’ll always find yourself sleeping in the most spacious room of your dreams. Each unit comes supplied with everything you may need, such as an equipped kitchen, making you feel right at home. It can’t get any more comfortable than that! Additionally, Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort is undergoing a complete refurb, to make it even more appealing to visitors.

Available Whenever You Want To Go

The great thing about having a timeshare in the Marriott Vacation Club is that you can choose the date you want to go. There are no strict guidelines that allow you to travel to one of the resort destinations only on certain dates. You can choose your own vacations days, take off of work, and come to the Marriott resorts anytime. Better yet, you can have as many vacations as you want throughout the year.

Owners Have More Vacation Options

A bonus of having a timeshare at the Marriott Vacation Club is that owners have more vacation options available to them. For instance, with their timeshare, they can choose to go on cruise lines to destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and Alaska. Owners can also enjoy guided tours of prominent locations around the world, such as the Great Wall of China and the Tour Eiffel. Not to mention that owners can go on excursions to theme parks, have hiking trips, skiing activities, and so much more. There is no shortage of fun with the Marriott Vacation Club.

There are many timeshare resorts out there, but the Marriott Vacation Club is certainly one of the top on the list, as is obvious by all the perks mentioned above. After all, it has been declared to have “Favorite Customer Service” by the People’s Choice Stevie Award. A timeshare in this vacation club means going almost anywhere, anytime, and having all the commodities you need at arm’s reach. Not only will you have the best time at one of the Marriott Vacation Club destinations and resorts, but you will find yourself hooked and longing to return.ç

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