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Let’s face it: family vacations can be a pain.

Not only do you have to please your entire family, but you have to plan for some large expenses. The cost of booking flights, hotels, and activities adds up fast. In fact, about 74 percent of Europeans say they’ve gone into debt to pay for a vacation.

You don’t have to break the bank to go on a trip of a lifetime. Marriott timeshare vacations can help you save money and experience a memorable trip.

But what about your kids? Kids play a prominent role in choosing your timeshare and vacation.

Forget about that trip to Disneyland. Here’s why kids across the globe are raving about Marriott timeshare vacations.

Read on to learn more.

Location, Location, Location

We’ve all heard our kids mutter the words “I’m bored” from the back of the car. But thanks to Marriott, your kid’s boredom will be a thing of the past.

That’s because there’s no shortage of Marriott timeshare locations to choose from. Through Marriott Vacation Club, you and your family can stay at over 3,000 hotel and resort properties worldwide.

You can find Marriott vacations from Australia to the Caribbean to Hawaii. Your kids can enjoy dazzling blue waters, unforgettable snorkelling, or an exotic luau just minutes away from your Marriott timeshare.

These resorts are also flexible for families. You can adjust your family vacation to accommodate your price range, family size, or favourite location.

Marriott offers plenty of choices for your family vacation. Your kids can enjoy world-class resorts around the globe.


Your Marriott timeshare might be in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. But you’ll have a tough time pulling your kids away from their new favourite resort. Marriott locations are full of kid-friendly amenities.

Wireless internet and in-room DVD players? Check.

On-site pools and games? Check.

World-class dining and restaurants? You bet.

Many of Marriott’s properties come with additional amenities like game rooms and kid-only pools. You’ll also have access to the Marketplace Express during your stay. These on-site marketplaces are open 24 hours per day and are a great place for kids to grab a snack, dessert, or toy.

Kids also love to eat at Marriott locations. That’s because Marriott offers free breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the children’s menu. This offer is available to kids between the ages of 4 and 12.


Have you ever spent your vacation in a cramped room with your kids? No kid likes to share a room with their parents.

You don’t have to worry about that at Marriott timeshares. Marriott designed their villas to allow for plenty of plenty of space to sleep, cook, and lounge during vacation.

The villas have the look and feel of a luxury apartment. Kids have their own separate room, television, DVD player, and bathroom. There’s also plenty of room in the kitchen for kids to grab a late night snack.


We all know that kids love their activities. But sometimes, you just want to post up on the beach and enjoy some sunshine.

Thankfully, Marriott has you (and your kids) covered. Many of their luxury timeshares offer kids’ clubs activities to guests.

The Aruba Surf Club, for example, has a kids’ club with daily activities and an exclusive splash pad and pool. Marbella Beach also has a daily kids’ club with three-hour sessions in the morning and afternoon.

Children can enjoy a range of exciting activities under adult supervision. Activities range from arts and crafts to playground time, outdoor adventures, and video games.

Other kids’ club properties include St. Kitts Marriott Resort, Hawaii Ko Olina, and Sand Key Resort in Clearwater, Florida and more.

Kids Night Out

Looking to enjoy some quiet time at night? Your kids can enjoy “kids night out.” These activities let kids enjoy a night away from their parents with their siblings and peers.

The Orlando World Center Marriott, for example, offers this program. Events include themed parties, dinner, group games, and movie viewings from 6pm-10pm on weekends.

Kids can also enjoy some time away from their parent’s thanks to the babysitting program. This program lets kids experience a night in under the supervision of a hotel employee.

For information on kids’ clubs and babysitting, check your Marriott timeshare website. You may also need to call the office directly for information on hours, activities, and requirements.


Kids need adventure. What better way to start an adventure than a Marriott timeshare?

Marriott’s timeshares grant kids access to new, exotic areas of the world. Whether you’re in a resort in Kaui or a villa in Marbella, kids are only a few minutes away from adventure during their stay.

Marriott specifically designed their timeshares to enhance the experience of its guests. Their locations are at great launching points for families to set out and explore new cities and cultures.

Take Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort for example. Limitless activities surround this renowned facility.

You and your family can explore the famous Rock of Gibraltar, visit the beach, or go on a scenic helicopter tour. Your kids can also make a trip to the Tivoli World amusement park or the Sewlo Aventura safari park.

All of Marriott’s timeshares are close in proximity to amazing adventures. Their exotic locations make it easy to experience the ultimate family vacation.

Your kids can make memories that last a lifetime by staying at a Marriott timeshare. It will open them up to new opportunities to experience foreign countries, diverse cultures, and a whole lot of fun.

Your Marriott Timeshare

Family vacations don’t have to be a pain. Marriott takes special care to make sure that your holiday is fun for the entire family.

Your kids will have the chance to stay in great locales, enjoy freedom, engage in new activities, and start new adventures. You’ll be amazed by the location, amenities, and service during your Marriott stay.

Are you ready to book the ultimate family vacation? We can help.

Join the 400,000+ families who took the leap by joining the Marriott Vacation Club. Contact us to book your Marriott timeshare today.