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Whether you’re purchasing or selling your Marriott timeshare unit in Spanish resorts like Marriott’s Playa Andaluza or Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort, going via a reputable agent has numerous advantages. Picking the right broker or agent guarantees you get the best possible deal for your timeshare. It also removes the hassle and risks connected with private sale, or going through a source that doesn’t have the right credentials or a reputation.

The greatest advantage of picking a legitimate broker to do the transaction for you is enhanced security. The timeshare business has strict controls that oversee how exchanges are taken care of – your broker should always follow these rules and other guidelines to ensure your money is protected at all times.

Some timeshare brokers also use a third party to hold monies in ESCROW accounts for extra security. Solicitors or lawyers firms and Fiduciary or Trust companies can provide ESCROW services protecting both the seller and buyer by holding the funds securely.

Once the sale has been completed upon, the funds are released according to the agreement. However, an Escrow account handled by a solicitor /lawyer is the most protected form of holding funds, where the full amount of the transaction is held in trust until completion and cannot be touched by any of the parties involved. Beside offering complete security, a broker has various points of interest for both buyers and sellers.

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Benefits Of Purchasing a Timeshare Using An Agent Include:

  • Purchasing a timeshare can spare you cash and give years of incredible get-aways – however it’s imperative to pick a legitimate timeshare broker with experience and a trusted notoriety.
  • You most likely as of now have a good idea of your perfect timeshare. A broker can help you find a property that matches the majority of your prerequisites – including budget, location and amenities. Trustworthy and dependable brokers will dedicate themselves to finding a timeshare that meets your requirements, rather than just making a quick deal. You’ll likewise have access to an enormous scope of properties and weeks that may not be accessible elsewhere.
  • Another benefit is that brokers are experts at negotiating the best deals. Choosing a broker with experience and a proven track record could potentially reduce the price of your new timeshare.


Benefits Of Selling a Timeshare Using An Agent Include:

The majority of owners struggle to sell their timeshare rapidly. This is generally on the grounds that the timeshare isn’t advertised professionally.A broker can help you to develop a professional sales concept that attracts buyers and increases your chances of a sale.

The top timeshare brokers don’t charge up front to list your property for sale. They may provide extra services –, for example, professional advertising to increase the odds of finding a purchaser – yet these extra services ought to be charged separately to their listing service.

You’ll additionally achieve a larger amount of potential purchasers when selling through a broker. The best brokers strive to put your timeshare before however many people as could be expected under the circumstances, whether this is through web based advertising posting on high-movement sites or offline marketing, (for example, newspapers and magazines).