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Did you know that Europe is the most visited region in the entire world?

In 2017, an impressive 671 million tourists traveled through many famous European cities. Between the history, the art, the culture, and the amazing food, visitors to Europe will never be disappointed.

With so many amazing cities to choose from, how can you decide where to go? Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation or a risque getaway with your special someone, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 7 of the best European cities to visit. Read on to find your next incredible getaway!

1. Paris, France

Paris is on everyone’s list of the best cities in Europe, and it’s not hard to see why.

French cuisine and wine are among the finest in the world. From art museums to colorful gardens to the Eiffel Tower, there’s no shortage of awesome sights to see in Paris.

The history in this city is fascinating too. Take a tour through the secret catacombs, gaze in awe at the Notre Dame cathedral, and explore centuries’ worth of art inside the Louvre Museum.

Disneyland Paris is also a must-do for visiting families. For easy access to the parks, consider a vacation rental at the beautiful Village d’Ile de France.


2. Rome, Italy

Once the center of civilization, Rome is the “eternal city” for art and history lovers.

Tour the might Coliseum where gladiators battled 2,000 years ago. Walk among the crumbling ruins of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Marvel at the size and splendor of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Vatican Museums,

Oh, and did we mention the food? Forget your low-carb diet, because you’re going to want to eat all the pasta, pizza, and gelato you can get your hands on.

Buon appetito!

3. Istanbul, Turkey

If you’re in search of a city with an exotic flair, head west to Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital of Istanbul.

This incredible city straddles the continents of Europe and Asia. Still a crossroads of the world, it features the best of western and Asian cultures. Take a cruise down the Bosporus and take in the sight of two continents at once.

Istanbul is home to a staggering 3,000 mosques, including the ancient Hagia Sofia. Stroll through the city’s Grand Bazaar and see where locals have shopped for spices, tiles, and trinkets for centuries. And don’t forget to enjoy your fill of delicious kebabs, kofta, and baklava.


4. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, Prague’s architecture is a sight to behold.

Fortunate enough to escape severe damage during the two world wars, Prague is straight out of childhood fairy tale. The Charles Bridge dates back to 1402, while a church has stood on the site of St. Vitus Cathedral since the year 930.

Enjoy a coffee or beer in the Old Town Square, which has looked virtually the same for over 600 years. You’ll be fascinated by the astronomical clock overlooking the square, which has operated continuously since 1410.

Expect to eat plenty of roasted meats, dumplings, and potato dishes while in Prague. Czechs also drink more beer than any other nationality on earth, so drink up!

Užívat si!

5. Budapest, Hungary

Perhaps the most underrated European city, Budapest is actually two cities (Buda and Pest) bisected by the Danube River.

Much like its nearby neighbor Prague, Budapest is a medieval jewel of a city. Explore the 13th century Buda Castle and enjoy breathtaking views over the entire region. Traverse the city’s many medieval and gothic bridges on your way to the stunning Hungarian Parliament complex.

No visit to Budapest would be complete with a soak in one of the many thermal baths dotting the city. Then keep that warm feeling going with a nice hot bowl of goulash or fisherman’s soup.


6. Venice, Italy

Not only is Venice one of the best European cities to visit, but it’s also one of the most unique cities on earth.

Where else can you go to explore streets made of water? You won’t find any cars or even bicycles here–the only ways to get around Venice are on foot or in a boat.

Cruise up and down the Grand Canal past an endless array of 14th-century palazzos. Tour the Doge’s Palace, where experts are still trying to determine how Casanova escaped its prison in 1757. You’ll also love the glittering gold domes of St. Mark’s Cathedral, dating back to 1092.

Like Rome to the south, expect to eat your way through Venice. Polenta, pasta, and risottos accompany a wide array of delicious seafood. Wash it all down with an authentic peach bellini at Harry’s Bar.


7. Marbella, Spain

There are many reasons to travel to Spain and plenty of cities to choose from. Our pick is the city of Marbella, nestled right on the Mediterranean coast.

Enjoy sunbathing on beautiful beaches or treat yourself to a day at the spa. Yachting, helicopter tours, and exciting nightlife round out the list of great things to do in this coastal city.

Like everywhere else in Europe, you’ll love the local cuisine in Marbella. Go on a tapas crawl through the old town and enjoy bite-sized nibbles along with your favorite glass of wine or sangria.

Marbella is another awesome spot to consider a vacation rental for your getaway.


The Best European Cities to Visit: Now You Know

Of course, there are dozens of famous European cities, and they each have something special to offer.

When you’re planning your next vacation abroad, keep the above list in mind. Whether it’s eating fresh seafood in Spain or touring art museums in Italy, the best European cities to visit are sure to captivate you.

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