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Timeshare has often got a bad reputation. It is assumed that most people tend to buy timeshare under pressure and then later regret their decision—which only leads them to make negative remarks about them. However, not everything they say is true. At Fab timeshare, we want to give you all the essential timeshare facts and debunk the myths surrounding purchasing a timeshare, to help you to understand vacation ownership as a whole.

Buying A Timeshare Involves A High Pressured Sales Pitch

This is a common untruth, which has been circulating for quite some time. No one should have to sit through a long, hard sell timeshare pitch if they don´t want to. Thanks to the timeshare resales market and accredited resale agencies such as Fab, you can take your time to browse our Marriott timeshare resales at your leisure and find the one that is right for you. Even if you visit a specific Marriott resort that you’d like to buy at, for example the Playa Andaluza or Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort, here on the Costa del Sol it is always a good idea check for a great resale deal first, before contacting the resort directly and potentially overpaying. And it goes without saying that our timeshare resale specialists are available to help with any questions and concerns you may have about your purchase, without the pressure.

Timeshares Are A Financially Irresponsible Purchase

They can be, if you buy directly from the resort developer. However, when you buy a timeshare resale at any of the Marriott Vacation Club Resorts from Fab Timeshare,  you will receive substantial discounts of up to 70% off,  helping you to consider your purchase more reasonable.  Timeshare resales are priced according to their true value and sometimes less if you are motivated to buy. With such a wide range of options, anyone can find a timeshare resale that fits their budget and will allow you experience affordable holidays each year.

Will I Be Able To Resell My Timeshare Back To The Resort?

In rare cases, yes. If you have already purchased your timeshare from a resort, some have something called Right of First Refusal, that would have been specified in your contract. This essentially means, that if you want to sell, the resort has the option to match the resale price and buy the timeshare back, or instead  allow you to sell it to a buyer on your own. However, it is unlikely that the resort will want the extra product, making selling your timeshare through a resales agent a much better bet. Contact us  to learn more about how we can help you sell your timeshare.

Timeshares Are More Expensive Than Staying In A Hotel

False! Luxury hotels in the peak season can costs hundreds of Euros per night, whilst a timeshare boils down to cost significantly less, for a full week’s holiday annually. Timeshares are versatile—allowing you to stay somewhere new each year with exchange options, all while paying less overall. After you have purchased your timeshare, you only have to pay yearly maintenance fees, which are still considerably less than any decent hotel. You also have to remember that the option of timeshare rentals are an extremely affordable way to vacation.

We offer both resales and rentals at Marriott Vacation Club Resorts Worldwide, including European resorts such as Playa Andaluza, Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort, Marriott Son Antem and Paris- D’ile de France. Please contact us for more information on timeshare resales and rentals.