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Christmas will soon be a distant memory, the scent of cinnamon and spice abated, and the tree planted in the garden or back in the attic. Soon, we’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne and counting the chimes of the midnight bells, as we move into 2018. The New Year is always a welcome sight and an opportune time to make holiday plans for the coming twelve months. Let’s resolve to see more of the world in 2018, and make Thailand a New year’s resolution.

Why Thailand for your New Year’s resolution?

Thailand is someplace you should try and visit at least once in your life. With a timeshare apartment in popular Phuket sorting out the accommodation, you can make it a regular event. What’s so special about Thailand? There are many reasons for you to make it one of your resolutions, this New Year’s Eve. Here are our top reasons to be cheerful, and some encouragement to pack your bags and take off to Thailand.

The street food

Although a timeshare allows you to cook at home and experiment with local ingredients, you’ll agree that Thai food is one of the best reasons to go there. Even better are the street food stalls, where you can try a little bit of this and that, and get a real flavour of the location.

The beaches

Think Leo DiCaprio and the hauntingly beautiful scenes from The Beach. The swathes of white sand beaches, with clear and clean crystalline waters, are probably the main reason visitors flock there year on year. Be a beach bum and get your fill of sunshine, kick back and relax in Thai style.


..and the beach bars

A long cool cocktail and the gentle breeze, with some laid back sounds playing the afternoon away, The beach bars are the places to meet and greet, and find your inner hippy!

Buddha overload

Achieve spirituality and enlightenment with more Buddhas than you can shake a meditative candle at.

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are, otherwise you will miss most of your life.” Buddha.


Island Hopping

Why stay in one place when you can explore? Befriend a fisherman and admire his longtail boat, and see if he’ll take you on a voyage of discovery – there are many islands to explore, but you might need a map!

Monkey business

The cheekiest primates live in Thailand, and they’ll steal your possessions without as much as a backward glance. Try not to, however, have your photo taken for money with the captive monkeys. It’s big business, but as far as animal protection rights go, it’s cruel. Admire the call of the wild instead.

Finally, a trip to Thailand, and in particular Phuket, will leave you refreshed, with a sense of well-being, and armed to take on the rest of the year with gusto! Not packed yet?