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Mercury is steadily rising  – and Spain has enjoyed the hottest week of the year so far. It’s just a little taster what’s to come. Looking forward to a week or two in your timeshare apartment usually means a longed-for anticipation of some nice weather. Whether you’re heading to mainland Spain, taking the ferry to France, or island hopping to Mallorca this year, then pack some timely sunshine-filled travel tips, along with your guidebooks and bikini.

Safely, and slowly does it

Warm sunshine makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Eating outside makes food taste better. There’s nothing like enjoying a cocktail on a balmy evening, and long walks with the sun on your back. A daily dose of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, makes us all happier and healthier. But, remember, safety first.

Protection in hot weather

Prevention is better than cure, and the best-looking – and longest lasting – tan is one developed slowly. Use a high SPF, and a total sunblock on children. Sunshades on pushchairs are absolutely necessary.  If you’re older, remember that sunstroke can be fatal in extreme circumstances. Wear a hat, and protect your eyes with good quality sunglasses. Above all, drink more water than usual, and always carry some with you when out and about.

Pale and interesting

Worried about looking too white on the first few days? Then don’t overdo it – you’ll just look like a prawn instead of pale and interesting. The solution? Fake bake instead. There are some brilliantly effective, and affordable, DIY kits out there, or use a salon if you fear you might end up with the Tango look.

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Last orders

A cold beer is just the ticket on a hot, sunny day. But alcohol is also dehydrating, so supplement the rounds with glasses of water, and don’t overdo it. In Spain, spirit measures are far and above British ones, so one G&T might have more units than you would have in a whole night out back at home. Again, have fun, but be vigilant.

Doctor’s orders

Should the worst case scenario present itself, and you find yourself ill, then seek medical advice immediately. Drink lots of fluids, take a cool bath, and see a doctor as soon as possible. You will need any appropriate health insurance, your passport, and your E111/EHIC card to obtain State funded medical treatment abroad. The European emergency number is 112.

Above all, enjoy fun in the sun, safely, and you should never encounter that situation.