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Tourism in Spain breaks records every year. Even after decades of tourism, Mallorca remains one of the most popular islands in the world for visitors.

You have probably already heard of Mallorca. But, beyond sun and sand, you probably don’t know much about what the island can offer you for a vacation.

Do you want an insight into the tourist attractions which can amaze you on your next vacation in Mallorca? Check out our blog post on the most absolutely gorgeous places to visit in Mallorca. Let’s go!

1. Explore the Beautiful Capital City

The jewel in the crown of Mallorca is surely the beautiful capital city of Palma de Mallorca.

Do you want to enjoy the seaside on the edge of the coast? Are you a culture vulture? Are you desperate to take a break from your busy life?

You can enjoy all of this and more in this prestigious city. There are landmarks which will blow you away!

The cathedral provides breathtaking views over the harbor. The gothic facade causes even the most experienced church-goers to pause for a moment of peace.

If you prefer your old buildings to be more about war than religion. Then Castillo de Bellver castle is magnificent on the top of the hill protecting the city beneath it.

2. Soak Up the Sun at the Llucmajor Beaches

You can sample some of the best sandy beaches in Europe in Mallorca. If you want to spend time in the sunshine during your vacation, head to Llucmajor beaches.

The beaches in Llucmajor are only around 15 miles from the capital. It’s an amazing experience to be enjoying the waves at Llucmajor before returning to the city for cocktails when the sun goes down.

The Playa del Arenal is one of the longest beaches around here. The waters here are perfect for swimming and dipping your toes in.

There is also the Cala Pi Beach which is surrounded by many luxury hotels and beautiful properties. The clear waters are ideal for scuba-diving the bottom of the ocean.

If you want to escape the crowds, you can head over to the Cala Blava for peace and quiet, as well as more amazing views.

3. Take a Visit to the Artà’s Charming Town

This hidden gem of a town can be discovered when you get deep into the valleys. This town was founded on the olives, almonds, and figs which grow nearby.

Named after the Arabic for “garden”, this town sits on top of the rolling hills which serve as the magnificent backdrop to daily life.

Are you planning on a visit to Artà? Be sure to stop by at the chapel and church to experience the pretty architecture and fascinating history of the town.

You can also enjoy the best cuisine on the island in these parts. There are a few award-winning restaurants here which will be a hit with your taste buds.

4. Scenic Views in Alcúdia

If you haven’t had your fill of scenic and charming towns in Mallorca, Alcúdia makes for the perfect visit. You can also stay over here in one of the many popular rentals.

This medieval town has a bunch of wonderful buildings, delicious dishes, and a lively community spirit. You’ll be amazed by how welcomed you feel here.

The town has a fortification, which makes you think the locals are trying to keep tourists. When actually the walls were constructed to stop pirates.

Unfortunately, much of the fortification has been damaged over the years. However, the Palma gates offer an insight into what it may have looked like.

There a few churches which are certainly worth a visit and you can learn everything about the Roman history of the town.

Are you a bird watcher? This is the place to seek out some rare species and magnificent creatures in the nearby national park La Albufera.

5. Live a Little Luxury in Puerto Portals

You may want to head down to the south of the island for the Puerto Portals to experience how the other half lives.

You may be able to spot rich and famous guests here. The Spanish royal family, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and the Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt are regulars in Puerto Portals.

You can walk by the luxury yachts and people watch as the fashionistas strut their stuff. There are plenty of Ferraris and Porsches to catch your eye as well.

On a budget? Simply strolling up and down the waterfront and browsing in the designer boutiques is worthwhile.

6. Spectacular Calvia Coast

There is nothing you won’t love about the Calvia coastline. There’s something for the whole family.

Are you a nature lover? Do you worship the sunshine? Are you eager to experience the incredible landscapes?

This remarkable tourist attraction offers miles and miles of foothills and cliffs. On your journey through the foothills, you’ll pass by some charming beaches in Cala Vinyes and Playa de Palma Nova.

7. Unique Botanical Gardens

You may think that when you have visited one botanical garden, you’ve visited a thousand. But, you can prepare for your assumptions to be shattered! It’s the perfect day out for the whole family.

The botanical gardens in Mallorca display a greater variety of cacti than anywhere else in the world. You’ll be amazed by how strange plants can get!

You can also learn all about the native species of plant which has emerged on the islands. There’s also a beautiful lake and plenty of tropical plants to see.

Tourist Attractions in Mallorca

Is your next vacation in Mallorca? You should know that there is more to this

Spanish island than lying on the beach the whole day. There are countless beautiful and interesting landmarks and attractions to experience yourself.

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