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What are Marriott Vacation Club Weeks?

Marriott Vacation Club Weeks

In 2010, Marriott developed their vacation ownership program to a more flexible points-based system known as Marriott Vacation Club destinations. In the run up to this transition, MVC was made up of a weeks-based ownership program, which won several awards thanks to its ability to allow owners to purchase a particular week at a Marriott Vacation Club resort of their choice.
The good news is that you can still purchase Marriott timeshare weeks, but only on the resale market.
All of Marriott’s resorts guarantee you and your loved ones luxury accommodations in prime locations around the world and the best part about owning Marriott timeshare weeks is that you can pick your preferred time of year to travel, whether it be once a year or twice per year.

To find out more about the Marriott timeshare weeks we currently have available, contact us today or click here to browse our selection of available Marriott Vacation Club weeks for sale.
More information about owning Marriott timeshare weeks

If you already own a Marriott Vacation Club week, the legalities of your ownership are determined by whichever location your home resort is in.

Prospective buyers can also browse fixed and floating weeks when looking for a Marriott timeshare resale on our website.

For more information about ownership or to purchase your preferred Marriott Vacation Club week, please click here.