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Many people we speak to have heard the phrase “timeshare resales” but they are not totally clear about what timeshare resales actually are. In this post, we will be going through the most frequently asked questions about timeshare resales, to give you clarity on why purchasing a timeshare resale is a better option than buying straight from the resort and also looking at what exactly timeshare resales are.


What are the primary benefits of purchasing a timeshare resale?

Some first-time purchasers buy timeshares direct from the resort essentially on the grounds that they are unconscious that similar properties are accessible on the resale market, frequently for a substantial discount. Timeshare resales are get-away properties which had been beforehand bought from a resort, and which are presently being exchanged by the present proprietor. The reason that timeshare resales are altogether less costly is that individual proprietors and timeshare resale brokers don’t need to cover the extreme advertising costs and commissions that the resorts do.

Try and think of a timeshare like a new car; as soon as you drive it off the showroom floor, its value drops significantly because the dealership marked up the price to cover its own expenses. A timeshare resale works the same way, except that instead of losing actual value like a car (by adding mileage, wear and tear), the only thing that is different between a resort timeshare and a resale timeshare is the price.


If I decide to buy a timeshare, how much time will I actually be able to spend there?

Timeshare ownership is assigned by “intervals” which is the reason it’s likewise regularly known as interval ownership. A standard timeshare interim is seven days, and most proprietors pick yearly utilization with one interim. Different choices for ownership include:

  • Biannual Ownership: allows the owner two intervals per year
  • Biennial Ownership: entitles the owner to one interval every other year
  • Triennial Ownership: entitles the owner to one interval every third year (very uncommon)

An increasingly popular form of timeshare ownership is points-based ownership. When you buy a points-based timeshare, the interval will outline how many points are included and what they are equivalent to at the resort. Points required for travel will vary by resort and unit size. This newer form of timeshare ownership allows members to visit different resorts within a vacation network, as well as to split the points to increase the number of trips taken.


Would it be advisable for me to purchase a timeshare resale or join a vacation club?

vacation clubs are fundamentally the same as general timeshares in that there are still contracts and yearly maintenance expenses. One of the upsides of joining a vacation club or of purchasing a club participation through timeshare resale, is that you can visit an assortment of resorts notwithstanding your “home” resort property. Many vacation clubs operate exchange programs so that their proprietors can visit any resort inside their framework. Often owners are allotted “points” which can be redeemed for weeks within the club’s network. Like normal timeshares, vacation club memberships can be sold on the resale market and leased out with guest passes. Be that as it may, by acquiring a vacation club membership on the resale market, you can enjoy massive savings.as to split the points to increase the number of trips taken.

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