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Did you know the largest island in Spain is Mallorca?

No wonder there is so much to do in the beautiful island of Mallorca. The beautiful island of Mallorca has more to offer than just beaches.

Here are the ten best things to do in Mallorca, Spain.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Mallorca

Mallorca has everything from secluded coves, hiking trails, sandy beaches, cycling routes, vineyards, to scenic coastal drives. With so many things to do in Mallorca, it’s a smart idea to rent a car and start exploring.

1. Hairpin Drive to Sa Calobra

One must do drive in Mallorca is from Sa Calobra. On the drive, you will see roaming animals, mountain plains, lakes, and sea views just to name a few. This is definitely the place to have your camera ready.

Keep in mind that the roads are narrow but they are all well paved. Leave early in the morning so that you have plenty of time for stops to take pictures, enjoying the scenery and relaxing at the end. Once you reach Sa Calobra walk around and enjoy the bright blue waters, beaches, and caves.

2. Snorkel off a Catamaran

Heading out on the water to snorkel is a great way to enjoy the Mallorca sun. There are options for a full day of snorkeling, half day or sunset trips. Depending on where you are staying on the island there are different options.

If you are in the Santa Catalina area you can check out Oasis Catamaran. They offer different snorkel options and they provide food options as well and even a wine option.

3. Explore Palma de Mallorca

This is a beautiful historical town with narrow streets, cafes, unique architecture, and shopping. This historic town is home to The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. This town can get very hot which makes it a good idea to explore it early in the morning when the heat is more bearable.

At nighttime, the town has many outdoor restaurants, live music on the streets making it a wonderful nightlife experience.

4. Streets of Soller

Roam the streets of Soller which is set in a valley between the sea and mountain ranges. This is a unique town to visit with narrow streets, farmhouses, and cottages.

The town has a beautiful plaza called Placa Constitucio. The unique architecture of this plaza is a must see and picture perfect. You can find cafes, ice cream shops, and apartments in the plaza.

A popular attraction to do, while you are in Soller, is riding the thirty-minute vintage tram the town’s center to Port de Soller.

5. Cap de Formentor Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located at the North end of Mallorca.

It can be accessed from Tramuntana just keep in mind its a winding road. This is the highest lighthouse in Mallorca and once you are up there you can see spectacular views of Alcudia and Pollenca.

6. Capdepera Castle

This castle was founded in the 13th century. It sits on top of a hill making the walk to the castle a little steep. The castle has a church called Our Lady of hope which has a bit of history behind it.

The church protected the villagers from danger. To date, they are still evacuating some parts of the castle.

7. Palma Cathedral

This gothic cathedral was begun in 1229 by King Jaume of Aragon and finished in 1601. Palma Cathedral is located in the old city of Palma between the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and the episcopal palace. The cathedral overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and Parc de la Mar giving it views for days.

This cathedral features one of the world’s largest rose windows making it another picture perfect opportunity. Palma Cathedral is 121 meters long, 55 meters wide and the central naves height is 44 meters tall. It’s quite a few to see and experience.

8. Dragon Caves

These caves are located in Porto Cristo. They are made out of limestone and are called the Cuevas del Drach, or Dragon Caves. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire island.

These caves consist of four large caves connected to each other called The Black Cave, The White Cave, The Cave of Luis Salvador, and The Cave of the French. Connected they extend for almost 1200 kilometers and the cavity is 25 meters high.

Dragon Caves has a breathtaking underground lake, natural formations of stalactites, and stalagmites.

Before exiting the caves visitors enjoy a ten-minute boat show with music which is a perfect finale for leaving the dragon caves.

9. Cycle

There are many different types of roads in Mallorca making it a cyclist haven.

You have straight roads, winding roads, uphills, and downhills. You have the option of renting a bike or buying your own bike. With so many cyclists you are bound to run into another cyclist every few minutes.

10. Boat Tours

Taking in Mallorca’s beauty fro the water is a great way to experience the island. On a boat, you can reach remote parts of the island. Many of the boat tour companies offer transportation from local hotels and resorts.

Do your research when choosing your boat tour because many of them also include a nice meal as part of your package.

So Much to Do!

With so many options to see and things to do in Mallorca, there is something for everyone to check out. The entire island is full of history and incredible architecture to admire.

While exploring the local area having a timeshare is a great way to have somewhere to come back to after a day of adventure. Curious if owning a timeshare if the right choice for you? Check out our article on the ten benefits of joining the Marriot Vacation Club.