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Paris, the city of love is no less romantic in the depths of winter, than it is in springtime, the traditional time for couples to book a city break. Picture yourself in a steamy Parisian café, reading quietly, surrounded by the smell of great coffee and local chatter. Perhaps you enjoy visiting art galleries and museums – then the weather doesn’t matter. Wrap up warmly and come and enjoy Paris, the city for lovers, for families, for lone travellers, for everyone. Enjoy a low season break this winter, in Paris.

Rental or purchase?

Stay in a low season rental in one of the excellent timeshares from Marriott’s Village d’Ile de France. Have you thought you may like to purchase a timeshare apartment? The ongoing cost ends up being significantly lower than renting, year after year, especially when you find a destination you love and wish to return to. You may well find that renting one of these superb timeshare units is the best way to try before you buy, and go on to make an investment that you will be delighted with.

Warmly lit

Paris takes the festive season by storm and lights up for the winter and Christmas period. The Champs Elyseés avenue is particularly pretty and is decorated with a mix of traditional and modern LED lights. lights go on, on the 22nd of November, and stay on until the 8th January, and of course, it’s all free to see.


Avoid the madding crowds

Go and browse the galleries in peace minus the summer hordes. Some attractions are closed for the winter but it’s only a few. Summer actually tends to be when you’ll find most closed signs, as Parisians pack up and head off to the beach for August. Winter is a much more pleasant time, with shorter queues, and fewer selfie sticks to poke your eye out as you admire the Mona Lisa.  Afterwards, head to that cosy steamy cafe for chocolat chaud, or a smooth French beer, or even lunch at a reasonable cost with the locals. Indeed, why visit a French Christmas market in a rainy UK town, when you can have the real thing. Sip some mulled wine, munch on freshly roasted chestnuts,  and pick up some traditional and artisan Christmas gifts.

So, consider that French trip this winter, there’s no better time than the present to book! Contact us today, we’ll be happy to help you plan your accommodation.