Mainland Spain celebrates San Juan in June with beach parties and a baptism of fire.  Mallorca makes the party go further. It’s almost time for Sant Joan. Will you be relaxing on the Balearic island for midsummer? Then drag yourself away from your Mallorcan timeshare apartment, and join in with the fun.

Two festivals instead of one

You’ll need bags of energy too. So, relax on the beach in the run-up to the midsummer event in Mallorca. That’s because it’s over two days, not just one, in fact most of the week will see some sort of celebrations. Perhaps pack some Alka Seltzer for the morning(s) after! The whole of Friday, 23rd June is dedicated to the revelry of Nit de Foc.  The following day, Saturday 24th, sees the celebrations of the fiesta of Sant Joan.

Nit de Foc

Midsummer’s Eve, Nit de Foc, is one of the biggest events on the yearly calendar in Mallorca, and to experience it, head to Palma. There will be street parties, fireworks, bonfires, and devils and demons running amok for good measure. The Correfoc is the fire run, when the demonic creatures run through the streets with loud firecrackers and fireworks. If you’re easily scared, maybe give this one a miss! There’ll be lots of music too, and dancing until the small hours.

Midsummer and Sant Joan

Sant Joan is celebrated the following night, Mallorca’s answer to the pagan festival that is midsummer. It’s in honour of Sant Joan, or San Juan, in English, Saint John the Baptist. Cleansing and renewal, as in pagan times, are the idea behind the festival. Most towns and villages, even smaller ones, will have some sort of version of this festival, so it’s worth asking around. It’s best to stay up and join in, because no matter how nice your apartment is, you won’t get any sleep!

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