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What’s the first thing you do when you get to your holiday home? Unpack your suitcase? Inspect the property for any changes? Open a bottle of wine? It seems that the trendy thing to do is take a ‘braggie’.

Since the ‘selfie’ craze began on Twitter and Instagram, people are uploading their holiday pics (not least their “me in my Raybans” snaps) by the second. Last year, the Oxford Dictionary even named the new “selfie” fad the word of the year for 2013.

Well it’s now been documented that a staggering 5.4 million of us upload a photo within just 10 minutes of arriving at our holiday destinations to make our friends and family at home jealous.

In a new poll, 25% admitted to sharing a photo with everyone within an hour of arriving, although we’re not all completely techno-mad apparently, as the average wait time until people bragged to everyone back home about the stunning view of the Med from the hotel balcony averaged about 3 hours.

The poll found that photos were captured and sent mostly via smart phones or tablets and commonly included the “view from my hotel room” or the “surrounding area and landscape” such as the swimming pool or sea view – as well as food in restaurants. The most frequently used social media platform was Facebook.

Although ‘braggies’ are all the rage, selfies are still in the top 10 of photos taken, most notably the “me in my sunglasses” (more often than not accompanied by the obligatory pool cocktail) shot.

But here’s the interesting bit…! With the use of editing apps, research found that 6.5 million of us are likely to edit or crop unflattering photos before posting to the public. And surprisingly, 5% of men polled said they would be editing before uploading their pics compared to only 2% of women.

Source: http://www.gotimeshare.org/forget-selfie-holidaymakers-go-braggies/