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The clear waters of the western shore of Thailand are home to some of the best beaches you will ever have a chance to visit. The beaches are just one of the reasons you will choose to revisit Phuket time and time again. A better reason is the amazing Marriott’s resort – the luxurious Marriott Phuket Beach Club. Let’s look at a relaxing stay in Phuket in Thailand, and what it has to offer as a destination. For example, do it your way, try a bespoke rental and make an offer for a December stay. A luxurious break in Phuket might be closer than you think.

About Phuket

The island of Phuket – the largest Thai island – is mountainous and home to a landscape primarily made up of a lush and tropical rainforest. The best beaches lie along the western shore. The waters of the Andaman sea are clear and clean and the area’s natural beauty has given rise to industrious levels of tourism, which the local economy has made the most of. There are many high class restaurants, spas, and of course places to stay such as the Marriott Phuket Beach Club which we mentioned earlier. Patong is the main resort town, where tourists flock for the nightlife especially, and the many bars and clubs. Phuket town is the capital of the island.

Go wild in Phuket

Your Phuket holiday will invariably revolve around your fabulous accommodation and the beach. there really is no better holiday than kicking back and relaxing on the beach, especially when it’s a Thai one. But, once you have tired of topping up your tan what else is there to see and do? Consider the many opportunities for watersports too, before you leave the beach behind, the diving here is superb. If you’re a nature lover, pay a visit to the Phuket Gibbon Reserve, which is a rehabilitation project in the Wildlife reserve in the Khao Phra Taew Royal Wildlife and Forest Reserve. Primarily it is concerned with adopting tiny gibbons that were held in forced capacity, and the volunteers work tirelessly to reintroduce them back into the wild. The reserve depends entirely on donations from visitors and well-wishers, and a fairly small amount can enable you to adopt one of these gibbons for a whole year. Further help their cause by refusing to allow your photo to be taken with a captive gibbon by the hawkers around the streets and in the bars of Phuket.

Museum days

There are a couple of interesting museums on the island of Phuket too, for those who like a little culture to go with their dream beach holiday. Head for the Phuket Thaihua Museum, situated in Phuket town. It’s a bit of a mish-mash of the history of the island, and details of the Chinese migration, industry, fashion and literature. The real reason to go, though, is the building itself if you like architecture, and you can spot Art Deco, Chinese, and stucco.

Your memorable holiday on Phuket will also be a chance to try out some great Thai food, ever-popular the world over. But let’s cover that in another post…coming soon. If you come for any reason make it the sunsets…your next romantic holiday, to the island of Phuket.