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What is the cost of owning a Marriott timeshare?

Cost of Owning a Marriott Timeshare

It is essential to have a precise comprehension of the cost of Marriott Vacation Club ownership, which incorporates your yearly charges and contribution. Both weeks and points owners are in charge of particular expenses intended to help with support and upkeep of the resort.

Marriott prides itself on its capacity to give cutting edge extravagance luxuries to its owners. Your upkeep charges and club contribution might be utilised for a new spa or pool, remodel to the resort or new state-of-the-art equipment.

Marriott Vacation Club Fees for Weeks Owners

As a Marriott timeshare week owner, you are likely to see different items recorded on your yearly dues charge every year. While these charges differ for everybody, they ordinarily incorporate a yearly maintenance expense. It is likewise normal to see fees like property taxes and administrative expenses.

What is included in the annual fees?

The annual fees you are required to pay are utilised to take care of the expense of upgrades, repairs, upkeep of the property, and maintenance that may happen at your resort inside a given year. A portion of these fees is also set aside into a reserve fund to cover planned or unforeseen future upkeep needs. The property charges related with your Marriott timeshare week(s) will be incorporated into the total sum that you will see on your annual bill.

When Are My Marriott Fees Due?

The majority of resorts will require payments to be made in January, but you should receive your bill at the end of the previous year.

Are there any other Marriott Vacation Club fees I should know about?

Your yearly bill may incorporate an extra expense depending on where you own your Marriott timeshare, for example, in the accompanying cases:

Marriott’s Florida Club
If you own a week in Marriott’s Florida Club, you will be subject to an additional owner services fee. This fee is to cover the administrative costs that accompany the unique privileges that Florida Club owners have access to.

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