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Although timeshare is different to traditional property ownership, you still own a share of the time that you are entitled to spend in a unit in your home resort. You can own it forever or for a specific period time as specified by your contract, but the fact remains it is still yours, to do whatever you like with it. Sometimes you will be totally clear on the fact that you need or want to sell your timeshare, but if you are unsure there are several alternatives to selling your Marriott timeshare.

Consider the following alternatives to selling your timeshare:

Rent Out Your Unused Time

If your contract permits you to rent your timeshare, then you can use a reputable company to help you manage your points and rent or exchange your timeshares. Very often, this is far easier than trying to advertise it yourself through a website, as usually timeshare resales and rental companies have an existing database of clientele and they can act as a professional intermediary between both parties, to ensure that they use their experience and knowledge of timeshare, to help you get the best deal.

Loan Your Week/s To Family Or Friends

If you find yourself unable to travel, yet you are not confident about renting out your weeks to someone you don’t know, then consider gifting your time to family or close friends. With certain international holidays such as Mother’s day just around the corner, this could be and ideal present to give someone.


Before you take the step of renting or gifting your timeshare week, then make sure you have the following paperwork collated in one place to make the process quicker and easier. You must be prepared to prove:

  • What you own
  • Where you own it
  • Resort amenities and facilities
  • The maintenance fees and taxes associated with your timeshare

This will save you last minute rushing if you find a client sooner than expected and the deal going through depends on this paperwork.

Valuing Your Marriott Timeshare Rental

The value of your timeshare week/s depends on factors such as the the season of demand, the condition of the unit and resort and what is included with regards to amenities and facilities of the resort. At Fab timeshare, we can advise you with regards to the value of your Marriott timeshare, but if you opt for renting your timeshare independently, then the following points will help you to get a good idea of the value of your timeshare rental.

  • Thoroughly research the comparables of other units in the same resort as yours.
  • Check out your Marriott resort’s area online, then compare units that are already being offered for rent with your property.

For more information on how we can help you decide which option is best for you with regards to selling or renting your Marriott timeshare, please contact us here!