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There has been some very negative press recently on Magaluf. The resort is known for its party lifestyle, but there is more to the place than bar crawls and parties. That is why we are pleased to see the resort is starting a ‘clean up’ campaign.

Officials are due to talk with British Embassy representatives in Madrid this afternoon to discuss a joint campaign to clean up the party resort’s “Sodom and Gomorrah” image.

Local politicians are eager to follow police clampdowns on potential licencing breaches by bars and unruly behaviour by tourists with a potentially costly publicity push targeted at the UK to persuade tourists Magaluf is not only anonymous sex and cheap alcohol.

The move comes after a British teenager was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in a Magaluf bar – apparently for a free drink – after an eight-hour drinking binge organised by controversial firm Carnage Magaluf.

Two British brothers thought to own a lap dancing club, bars and hotels in the resort are said to be the brains behind Carnage Magaluf, although a fellow Brit is listed as its sole director.

Local Civil Guard officers have identified the bar where the public sex act occurred and the venue’s owner but say there is no evidence a crime was committed.However, Margarita Najera, ex-mayoress of Calvia which covers the resort of Magaluf, said it should be shut down anyway.

She said: “The first thing that should be done is to close the bar that’s promoting these type of practices because it’s degrading.

“This sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed and it would serve as a warning to others not to repeat it.”

Magaluf, Majorca, Spain, holiday, drugs, Cannibal, holidaymakers, miami, bath salts, MDPV, Jay Gardener, Geordie Shore, sex, drinking, alcoholCLEAN BEACHES: Authorities are keen to crack down on bars that encourage wild behaviour [GETTY]

Spain’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, said: “We’re talking with the Balearic Islands’ regional government about what needs to be done and what messages and measures need to be put in place to ensure this sort of thing never happens again in a holiday destination.“There will be a joint publicity campaign against this sort of thing, focusing on the fact we want responsible and quality tourism.”

Brothers John and Danny Daly, who come from London’s East End, reportedly rake in £15,000 from their controversial Magaluf bar crawl.

Today it was reported holiday rep Alan Collinson, 28, who leads the bar crawls, got a 12-month suspended sentence for GBH after attacking a man at a pub in Hartlepool, Co Durham, in 2010 for talking to his girlfriend.

Four members of a stag do accused him of attacking them – and leaving two with broken jaws – on a bar crawl in May.

Carnage Magaluf says Collinson stepped in to defend a girl and did nothing wrong.

He wrote on Facebook after organising the bar crawl where partygoers clapped and cheered as the British 18-year-old performed sex acts on 24 men: “Don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s an average night on a Carnage bar crawl.”

Benefits Street’s Dee White, one of the TV stars invited to the bar crawls to raise attendance, has vowed never to return following the bar scandal.

Her Manager Barry Tomes said: “I’m completely disgusted with the whole thing.”

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