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Owning or renting a quality French timeshare apartment means you’ll be usually happy to eat in. Visit local markets, find the freshest of produce and cook up a storm in your home from home kitchen. But, a visit to France also means a little taste of French fancy! Save the pudding for when you go out, and enjoy your just desserts in France.

S’il vous plait

Fresh fruit on flaky pastry, or a full feast of rich cream and choux? What’s your preference when it comes to the sweeter side of France? Nobody makes cakes quite like the French. Marie Antoinette had the right sentiment. Let’s droll over the best of the patisserie counter…just one rule – no counting calories! You can always just point and say “S’il vous plait”, but it’s always more fun to know a little of the lingo, so let’s discover the names of the most delicious French pastries and desserts. We’ll choose just twelve, as any more would be greedy. A sweet and not so dirty dozen!


Caramelised fruit in sugar and butter, placed in an upside down pastry case and baked, sums up Tarte Tatin. Not just for desserts, a savoury version is also delicious with sweet onions, caramelised slowly and served in a savoury pastry. Take the sweeter option piping hot, with a generous serving of double cream for good measure.


The dessert that can also be breakfast, lunch or supper! Thin and light pancakes are really what they are, with a variety of fillings, and rolled up to make them portable if you fancy a takeaway. The best way to grab a breakfast with hazelnut spread and sliced banana, or made at your table for the perfect dessert, with cream of course.

Crème brûlée

The classic French dessert, burnt cream. Snap the back of your spoon past that crunchy caramel top and delve into the velvety custard underneath. Just try and stop at one portion…


Canelés hail from Bordeaux, which of course is good for wine too. They are a succulent concoction of rum and vanilla and will help to pad you out for long walks and the exercise you will need after trying them out!

Saint Honoré

Delicious airy Choux, filled with piped cream, fresh berries and fruit, all piled up together. What more can we say to tempt you? Waiter…..!

Baba Au Rhum

Back to the 70’s and Abigails Party. Rum Baba was the staple of the 1970’s dinner party and a must-learn dessert of many a keen cook. But go to France and taste the original. Keith Floyd would be proud. Liberally soaked in rum and topped with more fresh French cream, one is enough.


A truly ladylike dessert. Tiny, light fluffy balls of pastry. You’ll eat about twenty in one sitting. So, not so ladylike. But worth it.


The beginning of the classic ‘Floating Islands’ pudding, or classic pastel-coloured Macarons. Meringues should be light, slightly sticky and chewy in the middle, and one always tastes like more.


No, we’re not suggesting that you go mountain climbing. This is simply dessert. Mont-Blanc is made with chestnut flavoured cream and more meringue and makes aprés-ski even better. Who needs fondue?


There are of course a thousand reasons why one should tuck into some mille-feuille. Here’s just one…

Paris Brest

Please, no sniggering in the cheap seats. Paris Brest is a ring of choux pastry, filled with praline cream, created by Louis Durand, and made for sharing. Oh, if you must.


Clafoutis – classic with cherries, delicious with apples, pears, rhubarb, or peach. What’s in season? Then make that your clafoutis!

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