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Warm sunny days on holiday are part and parcel of a great time. But we all need our beauty sleep. Keeping cool at night can be difficult as the temperatures rise, and rise, in July and August, especially if you happen to be in Marbella or Mallorca. Aircon is pretty much standard in modern holiday apartments, but it’s not always what you want, it’s rarely silent, and not terribly eco friendly.  So, we’ve gathered together a list of ten top tips to help you keep cool, and keep your cool, to survive those summer nights.

1. Freeze the sheets

This sounds a bit off the wall but it really works. Take the sheets, place them in a plastic bag, and place them in the freezer for half an hour before bed. Preferably not right next to the prawns. Ice cold sheets will stay that way for a good half an hour, enough time for you to nod off.

2. Water intake

Up the water intake just before bed, and cool down your body from the inside out. Not too much though, or you’ll be up for a different reason.

3. Be cool: Sleep alone

A sweating bedfellow makes for a living nightmare. Kick your partner into the spare room and sleep alone. It’s far more comfortable.

4. Place the fan correctly

Is the fan just blowing hot air around the room? Then face it out of the window and let it blow the hot air OUT.

5. Ice, ice baby

Have several fans, and create a cross wind. or, place a plate of ice just in front of a table fan and point it at your bed for a chilled breeze and a cooling mist as it melts.

6. Cotton is best

Cotton sheets, and cotton Pyjamas, are always best. Avoid synthetic fabrics, they just make you sweat even more.

7. Naked truth

Naked in bed seems like a cool idea, but actually you’ll sweat more. A thin cotton nightdress or pyjamas will absorb the perspiration and be much more comfortable. Remember that bigger is better, and wear them loosely.

8. Turn off technology

Switch off, unplug, turn the TV, Kindle, Mobile phone, OFF. They all create heat. Get a good night’s sleep instead and tap into the technology in the morning, refreshed and awake.

9. Compress it

A cold compress can be such relief, and easily made at the last minute. All you need is a spare sock, some rice, and a freezer. Place it under your knees, at the back of your neck, or on pulse points for a cool compress.

10. Take it tepid

A tepid – not cold –  shower just before you slip between those frozen sheets is perfectly timed. Start off the night cool and comfortable, and you’ll be more likely to get a peaceful, undisturbed sleep…zzz. Sweet dreams!