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How to Reserve Marriott weeks or points

Regardless of whether you are a weeks or points owner, Fab timeshare can assist you with making your Marriott timeshare reservations. The procedure is simple and permits you greater flexibility to modify your holiday in view of where and when you’d like to travel.
If you would like more information about reserving your Marriott timeshare, contact us and one of the team will contact you shortly.

Marriott Timeshare Weeks Reservations

As a Marriott Vacation Club week owner, you can select one of two reservation options:
You can reserve your holiday at your Home Resort within the season or fixed week that you own.
You can request an exchange through Interval International.

How do I reserve a Marriott timeshare week at my home resort?
As a weeks owner, the window you are entitled to reserve is influenced by the amount of weeks that you own.

Single-Week Owners
Owning a single Marriott Vacation Club week gives you the option to reserve your vacation at your home resort up to 12 months prior to the check in date you choose.

Multiple-Week Owners
If you own two or more Marriott Vacation Club weeks you have the option of reserving two units in one week or two weeks consecutively, then you will most likely have the option of requesting your reservation up to 13 months before the check-in date of the dates you would like to book.

Interval International Exchange Options
External exchanges are performed through Interval International, which is the world´s leading third-party exchange company. Regardless of whether you own weeks or points, everyone is given the opportunity to purchase an Interval International membership that will allow them to exchange their Marriott timeshares for new and exciting holiday opportunities.

Exchanging your Marriott weeks
As a Marriott timeshare week owner, you can exchange your week at your home resort for one more week at a non-Marriott resort. In view of its association with the Marriott Vacation Club, Interval International will hold weeks stored by Marriott timeshare week owners for a determined amount of time to give exchange accessibility to Marriott owners before making them accessible to non-Marriott owners. Marriott Vacation Club week owners will get first refusal on Marriott weeks with comparative levels of demand.