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Expectations Holidays

What are Expectation Holidays?

If you are a member of expectations, rather than owning a specific time of year in a particular timeshare you can receive ‘points’ which you are awarded annually. You can then use these points like a currency you can use to book the exact holiday you want. This scheme has thousands of participants taking part across the world, which means you have a great choice of locations. This is due to the company’s partnership with RCI, the world’s largest vacation exchange organisation, and enables you freedom of choice when it comes to timeshare and how you choose to spend your holidays.

The points you are delegated are yours, but if you felt you were unlikely to use them, you can sell them which means your investment is not wasted! Even better, your family members can use these points for their holidays. This idea can help open many doors for timesharing and is a unique, groundbreaking concept, what more could you ask from this type of timeshare?

How does it work?

This concept works on some basic factors, holidays are given points depending on the variety of factors. These are logical aspects that are determined per holiday and can include:

  • – Season
  • – Location
  • – Amenities
  • – Demand
  • – Quality
  • – Apartment size

Taking the above factors into account, the holiday you go for will cost a different number of points, depending what you want, such as a larger apartment or a more exclusive location. Consequently, not every holiday will cost the same amount of points, and these reasons will become clear to you as you become familiar with the process.

Expectations points can be defined as a flexible form of timeshare that gives you the facility to pick and choose your holidays year by year.

Can unspent points be carried over to the following year?

Yes! These points are rather like money, and you could choose to save your loose change for next year’s holiday. Last year’s unused points will be added to next year’s amount. For example, if you received 40,000 timeshare points a year and only spent 30,000, the remaining 10,000 would carry over to the following year. That year, you would have 50,000 timeshare points to delegate as you please!

You could do the opposite and borrow points to get a really luxurious holiday. You simply borrow points from next year’s points to afford a great holiday. It works like this,if you received 40,000 annual timeshare points, and wanted a holiday that cost 60,000, you can borrow the 20,000 extra points from your next year’s total of points. The next year, you would only receive 20,000 points to spend, so you can be flexible on your holiday needs each year.

Can I have my current timeshare converted into points?

As long as your timeshare is assessed as suitable for conversion by the Expectations team, then yes you can! Your current timeshare would be assessed and given a value based on the above factors. Expectations will not accept certain timeshare, such as a week at a hotel in an off-peak time of year, so please bear in mind there may be restrictions as to what you can convert.