5 Reasons To Buy A Timeshare Resale

If you are amongst 90% of the population who enjoy taking yearly vacations – but not the hassle of making hotel reservations, financing the trip and deciding where to go, then purchasing a timeshare resale may be to your advantage. There are lots of misconceptions floating around out there about timeshares, but here are 5 of of the most important advantages to buying a timeshare resale.

No Last Minute Cash Scramble
Timeshares are usually paid for in advance or sometimes on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to scrimp and save at the last minute in order to go on vacation. By including your timeshare in your monthly budget, you’ll be well ahead of the game when vacation time rolls around and you can truly relax whilst on holiday, without worrying about your finances.

timeshare resale

Perfect Accommodations- Every Time!
Marriott Vacation Club timeshares such as Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort and Marriott’s Son Antem are considered to be luxury vacation properties. Why? Because they offer so many advantages! Some people buy timeshares so they’ll have a beautiful place to stay each year. Others may rent a timeshare to ensure comfortable accommodations for a large family. All of the Marriott resorts listed on our website include large rooms, a swimming pool, recreational activities, a restaurant, and many more amenities.

Flexible Options
Timeshares offer you great flexibility. From Florida and Phoenix to Las Vegas, Hawaii and even Europe, there are timeshares you can rent or buy nearly anywhere that appeals to you. Just choose your favourite vacation spot and look for a timeshare in the area. If you invest in a multi-location time share such as Marriott Vacation Club, you can even stay at various locations of choice each year, meaning you are not tied down to just one resort.

timeshare resale

Sound Investment
The enjoyment you get from your vacation property each year is an investment in yourself and your lifestyle… but you can also rent out the property when you are not able to use it.

A Generous Gift
Even though you buy a timeshare for your own use, there’s nothing stopping you from giving a week’s vacation away as a gift, especially if you’re not going to be able to use it. The time at a luxury location really does make a great gift for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

For a hassle free vacation every year at a popular destination location, a timeshare may be right for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the right choice!